07/21/10 Shuar’s Demands


Strips continue to sell. Thank you all! And I hope you enjoy today’s installment. Story, character, humor, and multiple settings. The only thing I wish for daily after “more time in the day” is “more space in my panels.”

I just realized, I’ve been wanting to do editing. And you know what, I GOT THAT WISH. I’ve been discussing scripts and comedy with Tom of Marooned, exchanging stories with Dan Wolff of Cookrookery and Wild Life, and in this writing group I’ve joined — we all provide editorial assistance to each other, which I am looking forward to.

I just like it. I like to tear stuff apart and bring out its strengths. I like helping people see their work in new ways. It’s fun.

And lastly, for those of you who may still be confused as to what Twitter is, this short exchange (reformatted for easy reading top to bottom) between Alotron (Alan Ryan of “Faraday the Blob“) and myself clears up its full potential…

Alotron: Snacks on a Plane
chris_j_baldwin: Snakes on the Plains, a western.
Alotron: ‘Get these Mo’Fucken snakes OFF my Mo’Fucken plains”: Marshall L. Jackson
Alotron: Steaks on a Plane #livingthedream
chris_j_baldwin: Stains in the Peaks, a bloody climber tragedy.
Alotron: Stoats on a Boat
chris_j_baldwin: Toads on a boot, a tale of longing for the lost boot with no toads on it.
Alotron: Snorks on a Plane
chris_j_baldwin: Sporks en le Pain, a tale of the American French cultural clash, with a bread suffering the collateral damage.
Alotron: Magnifique!
chris_j_baldwin: In France they’re called Freedom sporks.
Alotron: Snakes on a Higher Plane #hallelujah
chris_j_baldwin: Teenage Snake Drivers in a hydroplane, a tale of insufficient drivers ed. #hydroplane
Alotron: Viva Les Sporks de Liberté!
Alotron: Snorks on a Spork
chris_j_baldwin: Sparks on a Snert, the story of savagery aimed at Hagar’s dog. What was the topic again?


  1. And whatever you do, don’t make her lie on feather pillows! LOL. Maybe Yuri isn’t so bad at talking in public after all. 😀

    So great at so many levels. Love how you solved the relationship between Dimitri and Shuar. Love how you drew the cat-alien’s paw, and love that you even remembered to include a couple Eebs! Love it!

  2. Yes! Cat-folk! A science-fiction tradition from Buck Rogers’ Tiger Men of Mars, to Cordwainer Smith’s Underpeople, to Larry Niven’s Kzinti. If you’re going to do space opera, ya gotta have cat-folk. Or do they prefer the term felinoids?

  3. JKCarroll

    Flineous. Now I know what to call my next feline overlord.

    At least with cat people, you know they’re easy to defeat. Just start rubbing them behind their ears, and no matter how p*ssed they are at you they’ll stop trying to claw your face just to savor that sweet pleasure. (But trust me, they won’t enjoy it, no matter how firmly you stroke that special spot that’s down a little and to the left, just a little OOH, that’s it right there.)

  4. Christopher, if you’re interested in learning more about editing, I’d be happy to provide some advice. I’m just starting to freelance edit myself, but I can point you in the way of some useful resources (note: I am Canadian, so I don’t know much about US relations).

  5. Sardtok

    Nooo! Not cake! Not evil chocolate cake of horrendous goodness.

    Well, actually, eating Japanese shortcake is torture ’cause that cream is horrifyingly disgusting. Hmm.

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