09/27/10 Exoskeleton Fisticuffs


I was just reading at the NYT about defenders of open source software, and I find it fascinating. Reminded me of the Ted video I watched not too long ago of Johanna Blakley discussing the lack of copyright in the fashion industry, and how it affects it (mostly positive, she thinks). And also of how J.M. Barre donated the rights of Peter Pan to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, which still financially benefits it today. Ownership, lack of ownership, and transferring of ownership is fascinating, but when it comes to intellectual property, it becomes even more so.

I just finished reading Jen Wang‘s Koko Be Good (which I actually helped with editorial feedback a couple years ago). I also have an original piece of hers on my wall (which i covet). So I am obviously biased, but I find it a lovely work. Sensitive, enjoyable, and beautifully drawn. Totally buy it and support Jen’s work!

And lastly, We managed to get to the Seattle Greek Fest this weekend, although mostly so she could get a good cup of Greek coffee. We also procured some pastries, to keep me happy.


  1. Telekinesis is boring, and exoskeleton fighting is overrated. so what are we going to do for entertainment now?
    Oh yeah, Pierrot is stil attached to the pottybot. Let’s call him Pierrottybot and laugh scornfully.

  2. freelancer3070

    Damn! I was waiting for Emily to pull out a plasma cutter thingmajig and use it to remove Growp’s other hand. I guess I’ll have to stick round for round 3. I think I’ll be drawing Emily fanart for the moment. 🙂

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Its obvious that the Eeb’s are highly advanced but have no independent will of their own. Somehow they will just do whatever anyone else tells them too. Was it bred out of them? Were they and engineered species? Or is it that if they were alone they would be fine?

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