09/29/10 Martina in Temporary Command



As you can see, I have received my first piece of fan art! Yay! I’m very excited. And so, I’ve created a Fan Art Page (which you’ll also see linked in the right-hand column of this page) and I welcome contributions.

This drawing of Emily was drawn by Freelancer3070, whose work you will find on Deviantart.

Not a lot has happened since Monday otherwise. For Little Dee Fans, I have been very fortunate in that Brian Huisman (A friend of Don‘s) leant a hand by creating an entire archive of: Little Dee ONLY STRIPS FOR SALE. Awesome.


  1. JKCarroll

    @Libby, Poor poor Pierrot? Poor poor Pottybot! Imagine how YOU would feel if you were first disassembled, then discarded, just for doing what you were designed to do, your ONLY purpose in life!

  2. JKCarroll

    @Chris, this may sound strange, but… I clicked on that “best strip reference” link, and suddenly realized that Rikshaw Boans strongly resembles a dude I knew way back when, down to the wavy hair, penetrating stare, and red skin. (Seriously. Guy could get a sunburn in the middle of winter under a fluorescent light.)

    I’m just wondering if you based R.B. on any “interesting” characters in your history. Perhaps in between your time as a rebel gun runner and when you worked as a barker in a carnival?

  3. Waldhof

    Dimitri proves himself to be a real man. He is secure enough in his masculinity that he can comfortably wear a pink alien gown and continue to sip his drink as if he is on holiday in Aruba.

    Plus, not a scratch on him – at least none that he didn’t want πŸ˜‰

  4. Christopher

    @Herb, okay, created a Mihrrgoot tag, although I think there might have been one or two more references the them. I’ve been meaning to re-read the strip, and will look for them then when i do.

    @JKCarroll, nothing specific. Perhaps a summary of the 70s?

    Awww, @Tom, she votes you as captain too. πŸ™‚

  5. @Tom: voting for the captain only counts under piracy

    @Chris: Congratulations! that drawing’s awesomeness totally caught me off-guard.

    As for the planet of natural steaming excrement:
    1. I’m guessing the Flarnian’s are making a bundle with it
    2. “In a truly infinite universe, anything you’re bound to need is bound to grow naturally in some other planet” –Douglas Adams
    3. Any planet that is steaming will unfortunately remind me of Calvin and Hobbes
    4. Oh shit, I can’t think of anything else.

  6. Chris, that was above-and-beyond. You make me feel like something the Mihrrgoot dragged in.

    I decided to go back and see what else I’ve missed by only reading the strips as they come out and not taking notes. I was pleasantly surprised at how tightly everything fits together. You sure as heck aren’t making it up as you go along. I also ran into an untagged reference to Mihrrgoots, or at least to their leavings:


  7. I’ve just thought of something: the spanish word for “feedback” doesn’t mean feedback as it is used here. Martina, thus, is probably actually saying something more akin to “constructive criticism” or “commentary”. It would be interesting to find out how that translator implat really works!

  8. JKCarroll

    @Frank, the explanation is simple: Christopher is actually using slightly psychic paper when drawing this strip. This enables us to read the comments using idiomatic English, i.e., we read what we’re expecting to read. The effect translates and transfers through the digitation process until it reaches your computer screen, fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

    See? Simple!

  9. stevegallacci

    Correct spelling G. Girvan, and her work is now under the art group Beppa nowadays. I may have some old photos of friends and family in her fashions back in the ’80s.

  10. D.Durand

    Mmh…. I love the comic, but the clichΓ© moral lesson with the giving side “serious” and the receiving side “humbled” was not needed.

    Theses things are really too ridiculous, but you all do that, all the time.

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