11/15/10 Meeting Again


The first panel of this strip is somewhat of a flash-back to panel panel #9 from an early strip where Nogg was describing how horribly wrong things went at the G.O.B.

Did you know that scientists have discovered how to turn skin cells into blood cells? Frikkin’ awesome news, especially for those with rare blood types. A tad creepy, as are all things biological, and I could see it being written about freakily (and probably incorrectly) in horror stories. And thus the world turns. Hell, if I wrote horror stories, I’d do it myself.

Lastly, the form-to-nominate is up for the “Webcomics List Awards,” and there happens to be a category for “best new comic.” I’m just sayin’…..

p.s.-apologies for further delays on the holiday card. There was database issues at Topatoco, and I’m not sure how soon they’ll be resolved. So, um. Spacetrawler T-shirts and mugs, if you want ’em. :)


  1. Looking back at that old strip, I just realized that the GOB buildi— er… space station could easily double as the Eeb factory of Bogrham’s teeth (spelling?)

    Growp is quickly becomming my favorite character. Is that bad?

    As for the cellular news, for a moment I read they were turning blood cells into skin cells, which left me confused on two accounts:
    1. How they could do that with a cell that doesn’t even have its genetic code?
    2. What would be the use of creating more of the cells we shed without a second thought

  2. Crisp Flows

    Frank –

    1) Blood cells do have genetic code – Otherwise, the sickle cell disease would not be possible.
    2) Third Degree burns.
    3) It’s skin cells into blood. Rare blood types would benefit from this and this would greatly decrease the risk of blood contamination. It’s very difficult and expensive to screen every blood donated for every single bloodborne disease out there.

  3. @crispflows: I was referring to the fact that blood cells eject their nucleus (and hence, the DNA it contains) to achieve the well-known doughnut shape. (Sickle-cell anemia occurs on new cells that haven’t done that yet, which is why blood samples from people to whom the disease is being diagnosed have both healthy cells and sickle-shaped cells.) I did get that it was skin cells into blood, and that such a deal would be very useful; I was just saying why, when I read it as the other way around, it left me completely flabbergasted.

    @chris: I just noticed Emily has switched from pistols to zap guns. When did she make the change?

  4. JKCarroll

    @Frank, did you ever watch “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”? Do you remember the scene where Max is being brought to his job interview with Aunty Entity, and her “major domo” has him remove ALL his weapons? Somehow, I get the feeling that Emily is NEVER unarmed, and that the interesting question isn’t what she has but where she keeps it all!

  5. Hey Chris, I’m the guy who bought this wonderful piece of original art. One of your best strips, I think, due to the dynamic composition and dramatic angles. Scans don’t do your original work justice — the sepia tones, brushwork and even the lettering are a joy to see in detail. It will look wonderful (and inspiring) nicely framed on the wall in my studio. And a VERY fair price for such a great piece. I am a happy camper. Looking forward to your book! Onward to Book 2!

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