06/06/12 The Right Motivation


This was interesting in that I realized they were at the G.O.B. and I needed a shaft for these two to fall down, and that I had already BUILT G.O.B. shafts for previous scenes, and could revisit those models. Neat.

It’s been a lovely week so far. But it usually is. We go for walks and cook a lot and the cats are always there for diversions. I began writing my novel FINALLY. I desperately wanted two weeks to just sit down and hammer it out (It’s all in my head, I just need to put down the words), but I’ve resigned to work this way. Which feels like it may have been a good thing anyway, as this particular novel requires a fair intensity of detail and tone and mirroring images etc.

As mentioned twice above, Spacetrawler book #2 (and etc) are now available through Toaptoco. So, go check that out.


  1. Night-Gaunt

    I’ve heard of “falling for’ but Emily is ‘falling with’ her killer. Unless she can worm the truth out of him before she uses his body as a cushion to fall on. She has nerves of titanium in a curvaceous body. Nice combo.

  2. Toapctoco, eh? 😉

    Hooray for working-on-novel! As someone who struggles to fit in creative writing in my daily routine of work + children + MA thesis, I can relate to the uh… the struggle. I find daily writing of small amounts to actually be more conducive to high-quality prose in any case. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s complete. 🙂

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