11/17/10 Discussing Sides


I just found out that J.J. McCullough did charicatures of cartoonists who tabled at NEWW. Um…. unfair, but perhaps totally correct.


Thanks to Marjorie Rishel at Lepus Studios and Nick Daniel at 70 Seas for the links! Glad so many people love Spacetrawler!


    1. Growp: “You can just imagine my regret…”
      Emily: “Because you murdered a man who only showed you kindness?”
      Growp: “No, because that sap probably would have acquired me more of those tasty candies again next year, and the year after that. They’re surprisingly hard to find, and I never did learn his source.”
      Emily: “You’re a sick SICK man…thing… whatever. I respect that.”

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I really wasn’t expecting it and I’m quite touched.

    By the way, check your links. Both the “Lepus” link and the “70 Seas” link are connecting to my site. (Not that I mind the extra publicity.)

  2. Christopher

    @Frank, Its more that it answers the question. She’s confronting him with the idea that the choice (which she’s implying she’s made for this reason) is based on the moral stance of Eeb rights.

  3. JKCarroll

    @Frank, Emily’s not really trying psychotherapy. She’s just asking questions, like a counselor, or a good friend. I mean, maybe YOUR friends aren’t always trying to kill you, but Emily has always moved in different circles. Besides, how else is she going to maintain peace among her coyote brethren? Have the two coyotes with “issues” fight to the death inside a huge three-dimensional arena? Entertaining, but rather cliche, and not particularly good for morale. Besides, she’s been there, done that, doing it now.

    Now, if she REALLY wanted to mess with Growp, she’d try Rogerian therapy, where you repeat back to the person what they just said: “You have no complaints about working for Kuu-Drahc.” “You think puceberry lickers are yummy.” “Hmmm.” (Neutral place-holder to encourage the other person to expand on what they just said.)

    (Of course, I’m just saying that to get under the skin of any classical Freudians who are reading this comic. And the Jungians, too. As Freud once said to me before he died — or maybe after — “Oh, to be Jung again!”)

  4. JKCarroll

    @Matt, just be aware I lifted that pun from a Mad Magazine “thing” that, judging from your picture, was printed before you were born. (In my defense, I was young enough that someone had to explain to me that “Jung” was pronounced “Yoong”. FWIW, I still find myself giggling over stuff from “Rocky and Bullwinkle” that flew over my head the first hundred times I saw them.)

    I also agree with you re: the caricature and the teeth — I never knew Christopher was British. But have you noticed that if you take the caricature, shave it bald, and cover the lower half with a turtleneck, you’ve got Growp’s older better-looking brother?

  5. Christopher

    And if you put blue cat ears on me, I’m Yuri.

    The teeth are big and goofy, but when I smile I show my upper teeth, and they are anything but straight, so I think it captures something for sure. šŸ™‚

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