11/22/10 Business Class


First off, I would like to officially encourage you to go to my SPACETRAWLER ONLINE STORE at Topatoco…

(really, right now)

and purchase t-shirts and mugs (and my other fine products from previous comics I’ve done). There’s been a hold-up of the cards at Topatoco, and so I don’t believe the cards will be ready in any time that would get to you in time to send out to others. Sorry! So, all the items that ARE available make great gifts. Check it out! Support Spacetrawler! until I have books or the numbers high enough to get advertisers, this is my bread and butter! (well, and buying original Spacetrawler art or donating (link in the right-hand column of links).


I received more fan art. And it’s pretty dang awesome. It’s by Sebastian Piriz who has more excellent (and many sci-fi) drawings up on his DeviantArt page, and it’s of Rikshaw Boans who appeared in the very first Spacetrawler strip. (you can also see it on the Fan Art page, which you’ll also see a link to on the right)

In news, be glad you are not on THIS PLANET.

Thanks to Bernie Hou (who I got to hang out with at NEWW) of Alien Loves Predator, Nick Daniel at 70 Seas for the links!

And lastly, phew. I’ve been traveling for two-and-a-half weeks in the New England Area. I used the NEWW comic fest as the excuse to come out here, but since I lived my first 27 years in this part of the country, it’s been lots of non-stop isiting of friends and family. But I can’t wait to get back Monday night! Back to my girlfriend, the cats, and of course…. the drawing board. Here’s a pic from my trip of Hans Christian Anderson reading me “The Ugly Duckling” in NY Central Park.


Now, go to my Topatoco Page. You know you want to.


Oh yay! Minutes before the strip was to go up now, Dan just emailed me a pic of him in his Spacetrawler shirt! As he put it, “the best thing since the pangalactic gargle blaster.” Cheers! 🙂

limbic fizzler


  1. Kiteway

    Only thing better than the smile in panel 2 is the wide-open eyes of astonishment/lust/boob-grabbing in panel 3. Love the facial expressions in general on this page, especially the last three panels. The Yuri-Dmitri dynamic is just so hilarious.

  2. JKCarroll

    @Meirnon, that’s why you should never, NEVER try to out-think a djinn. Ask a djinn to “make the Eeb-Human copulation synchronicity above 50%” and Dmitry is liable to wake up with the med bot just finishing the mods to HIS reproductive equipment.

  3. JKCarroll

    @Meirnon, I hate this conversation. Because the next logical step in this game of “what-if” is that Dimitri makes himself a fully-functioning hermaphrodite. Which is just plain wrong! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

    Unless you’re Woody Allen. Then Dimitri has immediately doubled his chances for getting a date on Saturday night.

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