Fan Art

Please feel welcome to send me your drawings of the Spacetrawler crew! I love to see other people’s interpretations of the characters!

ANOTHER piece of awesome fan-art from Stephens of the webcomic Labbugs. This must be a picture taken before his… well… zapping.

A piece of awesome fan-art from Stephens of the webcomic Labbugs. This must be a picture taken before his spirit was crushed from continual defeat.

I met Yi Wing at SPX last year, and then again at InterventionCon. He was charming and offered help throughout both weekends. And then, he gave me these, which i have treasured, and finaly, get to share with you. Thanks, Yi Weng!

Jason Clarke did an awesome re-draw of the book #2 cover. Drew Struzan eat your heart out!

Emma did a drawing of Qwahntoo. Creeeeepy! Thanks, Emma!


Rikshaw Boans (who appeared in the very first Spacetrawler strip). This was drawn by Sebastian Piriz who has more excellent (and many sci-fi) drawings up on his DeviantArt page.


Nogg and Emily, in a piece titled “snap” (referring to the Spacetrawler strip “Emily“). This was drawn by Don Ahe who does the lovely M-W-F webcomic Road Apples Almanac.

yuri_jessica_sextonYuri, in a piece titled “Fishing for Compliments” (referring to the Spacetrawler strip “Locked in the Bathroom“). This was drawn by Jessica Sexton who’s work you will find on DeviantArt. You can leave comments on her DeviantArt page for this drawing here (if you’re signed in on their site)


Yuri, drawn by Tom Dell’Aringa who does the comic Marooned


Emily, drawn by Freelancer3070 who you will find on DeviantArt.


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  2. Nukie

    Somehow I think the viewing angle should have been looking, given Emily’s predilections, *down* the barrel of the gun. She may be “hot” (FSVO ‘hot’) but she’s also supposed to be f**king *menacing*.

    Other than that? *COOL*

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