12/06/10 We Are Humans



As a week-late cyber-monday celebration, I want to point you to some wares of other great comics:

Spike’s Templar Arizona (books, poster, and plushy)
Favorite: “Flora The Chicken” plushy!

Brad Guigar’s Evil Inc. (books, cards, calendars)
Favorite: the calendar!

Bill Barnes with Gene Ambaum for Unshelved (everything you could want for librarians)
Favorite: the “Never Forget” shirt.

Bill Barnes again with Paul Southworth for Not Invented Here (prints and shirt)
Favorite: “You Never Forget Your First Time” shirt (apparently I like the “forget” theme).

Zach Weiner’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (shirts)
Favorite: “Most Dangerous Game” shirt.

Chris Hallbeck’s The Book Of Biff (books!)

Rebecca Clement’s Kinokofry (prints and original art)

RK Milholland’s Something Positive (books, prints, art)

So, go do some visiting!


Also, this Saturday there’s an Open House for an exhibit of small works in north Portland at the Written On The Body Massage and Acupuncture Studio, where I have three pieces.

Saturday, December 11 · 2:00pm – 6:00pm
29th and NE Alberta (above Bernie’s), Portland, OR

I’m totally bummed that I can’t make it (Portland is just far enough to be difficult getting back and forth to), but YOU should go.

Info on the Open House.

To see the works that will be in the show, or to purchase the artwork (if you can’t make it), go to the Written On The Body website and click on “Online Store.”

I will also have a show (all my own) there in late January, which I WILL be able to attend, and will keep you all abreast of.


  1. Oh sure, we’ll just hit the pause button on the bad guys and glue the beams back to the roof. Or were you looking for a “reset from last save point”?

    Absolutely fantastic. Love it.

    I can’t decide if Yuri in Panel 6 reminds me more of Robin Williams or of “I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

  2. TGS

    Wow, I see a trend with our little meek Japanese friend Yuri – I imagine that with a bit more time she will be practically indistinguishable from the Death Star.

    Shame Nogg pulled Yuri back, i would have liked to see carnage and death on our red cuttlefish head villain.

  3. Christopher

    @Frank, yeah, I thought “do over!” fit her really well. It is such a game playing mentality — be it videogames, D&D, playground bouts, or destroying bad guys with huge hand laser cannons.

    Ah, @TGS, I hope to have more carnage as it goes on. Book #2 is always the darkest, right? 🙂

  4. TGS

    @ Coyoty – Gurf -not secretly smart – is he secretly dumb?
    @ Herandar – Yuri is a precision instrument, it’s just her instructions were carried out – with unintended outcomes.

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