12/01/10 The Topic of Futures


And again, make sure you get your orders in to Topatoco for items you’re buying for gifts, their shipping cutoffs are approaching quickly.

Thanks to Metaphizzle (and others) again for the increasing list of Television Tropes I use in Spacetrawler. I almost feel it would be fun to do the opposite, find which ones I haven’t used and try to put them in. I always like a good challenge.

Had another lovely sci-fi movie experience this week, although it was one I’d already seen. Moon, starring Sam Rockwell. Director Duncan Jones’s attempt to recreate the tone of such sci-fi classics as 2001 and Solaris was so haunting and dead on. Love that movie.

So, if you’ll excuse me. I’m off to the moon.



  1. Now this is interesting… we know that when all is said and done that Nogg is still alive while Martina isn’t… but we don’t know anything about the fates of these two, or for that matter any of the other humans. I never really thought of it like this before, but you -could- kill off everyone that’s not Nogg for all we know.

  2. Christopher

    @Jordan, I spent a good while contemplating your comment, wondering if it had to do with the blog, the strip, maybe Kuu-Drahc’s egotism… ? Then I remembered. Right. Yes, Fremont is lovely. πŸ™‚

    @Sirbacon, I LOVE that you think I could be that devious! I take that as quite a compliment (although I will tell you nothing).

  3. McGee



    anywho…wow Nogg really walked into that one. I agree that every strip is a cliffhanger since we’re always itching to see what happens next. πŸ˜€

  4. Christopher

    @TGS, lol! It does look like a vacuum cleaner attachment, doesn’t it. Actually, that pillar is the base of a rocket ship. πŸ™‚

    @Matt, since you already have your two front teeth, that is understandable.

  5. JKCarroll

    I want a plush Kuu-Drahc and a serving of Gurf’s mom’s Noodle Kugel. How much do you want to bet that she steps in and “Nana’s” Kuu-Drahc into submission?

    Oh, and if Kuu-Drahc is killing the crew anyway, I wonder if Nogg will be taking applications for new crew members? Granted, it doesn’t look like Nogg’s crews last very long, but I’ve worked temp jobs before and a job is a job. (Does it come with dental?)

  6. Mike

    Oh, Nogg. When will you realize Kuu-Drahc is no longer your friend? (Or perhaps, when will Kuu-Drahc realize he IS still your friend???)

    @JKCarroll I imagine it comes with dental, after all it also comes with cyborg reconstruction coverage. You should definitely apply.

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