01/19/11 Second Morning


So, over at Snowflakes, the comic, Chris Jones (the illustrator) is on leave, and so I am working with the talented writers Zach Weiner and James Ashby by drawing the strip for them for the next three weeks (starting Wednesday). I always find it fun to play with other characters and styles, and so this is a treat for me. Check it out! 🙂

Thanks for the link-back from James at Ellie on Planet X, and thanks for all the tweets this week. I’ve been woefully untwittering lately due to my workload, but I watch and want to say thanks!

Not much in my head. Trying to set up conventions for 2011. The book arrived at the printer, although I have yet to receieve a finish date estimate. On Monday I finished the artwork for my Portland, OR show “Studies in Red” and shipped it off to Portland (my first solo show EVER). I’ll be at the opening at Last Thursday on Alberta at Written On The Body.  I’ll post more specific info next week.



  1. Christopher

    @Wing, sorry, it was supposed to be “AND manual window shades” not “OR manual window shades.” Fixed!

    Actually, I got it right when I drew it, and then changed it to be incorrect. NOT enough sleep. 😉

  2. Meander, knowing something will happen can enhance a story with its anticipation, as in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and some episodes of “Babylon 5”. It’s the way it happens that’s the payoff.

  3. JKCarroll

    @Rook, or it will be something like The Death of Ricksaw Boans and Martina takes over the organization, and Nogg has to tell her father that she’s dead in order to throw the bounty hunters off her trail.

    Or something like that.

  4. Christopher

    @Simon French, do you know the Alberta neighborhood? They have an arts walk every “Last Thursday.” It’s up there. More precisely, the opening is January 27th 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm (show run: January 25 – March 1st) at Written on the Body Massage and Acupuncture Studio, 4934 NE 29th Ave (above Bernie’s Restaurant, entrance on 29th) writtenonthebody.info

  5. @Meander: You have no appreciation for GENUINE dramatic storytelling. We know that she dies — the whole story is the journey to that, the ways that she transforms along the way to her death, etc. etc. We dont’ have to be kept in the the dark about the entire future for things to come as a surprise. [i]how[/i] will she die? When? Is everyone else going to make it? Will she sacrifice herself to free the Eebs? HOw’ll it be?

  6. Istas

    Followed the link from SMBC, and just read through the entire archives. I’m really enjoying the character designs, the characters, the writing, the setting. Just an awesome comic, dude.

  7. Ascension

    I also followed the SMBC link, and, ironically, it’s almost this page that lost me, because I assumed from the exposition here that the whole comic would be about Mr. Zorilla and Nogg’s dysfunctional crotchety old man/alien friendship. But I clicked first anyway, and the opening with Rikshaw was different enough I kept reading, and somewhere around Tornitus 6 I figured out that Martina’s story wasn’t just a diversion from Nogg and Mr. Zorilla’s story; I had simply mistaken a framing device for the main plot. I’m glad I had patience, as this comic is well worth adding to the ever-growing pile of comics I keep up with regularly.

  8. Christopher

    Thanks all!

    And I’m glad you stuck it through, @Ascension. Yeah, this strip definitely doesn’t represent the fact that almost the entire thing is crazy aliens and humans in adventuring in outer space. 🙂

  9. I came from SMBC too, this is brilliant, just spent a couple hours reading the whole thing. I was excited for Cleopatra in Space but that updates so slowly and is just starting out. This has a whole year of frequent updates! Yay!

  10. Prairie

    I’m excited for book2! I think the “known” death of Martina provides good tension. Because she hasn’t died yet in Nogg’s retelling, there is always the glimmer of hope that she is still alive. Plus, we talk about it and care about the character, which I’m sure warms the cockles of Christopher’s heart. (Nothing like warm cockles!)

  11. Gillsing

    I had to go back to that page, and it didn’t look to me as if Mr. Zorilla thought death was nigh. It looked like he didn’t want to keep his promise of giving both pieces of cake to a visitor in case one would show up. Instead he eats both pieces himself, which I assume was the plan all along. So yeah, I guess he does have a thing for dessert.

  12. Marcus

    came here because of SMBC, read it all in one go. Loved your style. Wanted more.
    Found Littledee.net… Read them all in one go, then bought the little dee complete book set.
    Will be buying every Space Trawler book as soon as they’re published

    Thank you for being aweosme

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