01/17/11 Book 2 Brograhm’s Teeth


Happy MLK day. Hello. And so we begin with book #2. This book will be titled, “Brograhm’s Teeth,” and so I thought I’d start you off with a brief history of the name.

A few things I wanted to mention today. First, I really love the comic Dicebox, I even did an 8 page fill-in for Jenn years ago. Well, she finally is coming out with a book. Totally pre-order. Amazing stuff.

I just received my copy of Tom Dell’aringa’s new Marooned collection: Mars Wars (in which I have a 2 page contribution), and the collection looks great.

Thanks to Tom Truszkowski (Station V3) and Mark Mekkes (Zortic & Saucer Seekers) for the mention in their podcast Podwarp episode #34, somewhere around about point 3:35 (mostly just a mention really). They also mentioned another sci-fi comic which debuted last year, the lovely Ellie Planet X, which I was introduced to last week in wednesday’s blog comments.


  1. How wrong is it that my reaction while reading this was
    “point and laugh,
    point and laugh,
    point and laaaauuuuggghh”
    “His name was Brograhm”
    “! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

    @Tim: What semicolon?

  2. Gillsing

    I guess the two semicolons in the ninth panel?

    The Prutes had it coming. Who in their right mind lets the intended victim have weapons, let alone weapons of enough power to kill everyone on the planet? Good riddance to foolish fistbumpers.

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