03/15/11 On Being Captain


Man-o-man, I enjoy good alien character design. Reading Jon Rosenberg’s Scenes From A Multiverse (SFAM) sometimes is just the best.

Here bunny-bunny-bunny.

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  1. Thomas S

    I think the modifications of Yuri are starting to look ominous rather than cute – those ears did not last long and how much repression and politeness must be in Yuri to result in her somewhat manic approaches to the capability for her to elicit death and destruction.

    what an awesome name for a lost little Eeb … or wait – .. that was Red-9 : not so cute a name.

  2. “Yawn.” I love Mr. Zorilla!

    Alas, poor Yuri, she’s getting been getting steadily more creepy. But I have a different take on her power tripping though. It’s not that she’s getting dehumanized, if anything she’s still all too human and is just grooving way too much on all that awesome power in her cyborg body.

    If she’d been made as and grew up as a heavily armed sapient robot battle tank, her experiences as such would given her the maturity and restraint to know and use her power wisely. As it is, she’s still a kid in a candy store. A kid who could level a city. Or a teenager with her first car in a drag race.

    That’s what’s scary.

  3. Rook

    But it’s not me it’s you, what you’re turning into
    Is some kind of something that I never knew
    You used to be OK and I liked you that way
    But I don’t think that I like you better

    Hmm, out of context that might sound a bit too moody. But I think Jonathan Coulton’s ‘Better’ sums up my thoughts on Yuri’s transformation nicely.

  4. Jago of the 7 knives

    By the rate Yuri is upgrading herself, she may end up being 100% machine (on the surface) by the middle of the series. Wonder if Dmitri will make a pass at Yuri knowing he is courting instant death at her (Yuri’s) whim.

  5. I am not worried about Yuri. She not only has Eebs at her beck and call , she has an Eeb mind herself, she is not only a cyborg , she is a blended creature of human , cyborg Eeb and feline.

    And she isn’t wearing any clothes!

    I think that she has a closet full of bodies now , her core self could be pretty small and prothesis could be quick disconnect. Her ultimate battle body might resemble a battleship, but she could have a very feminine and human appearing body to change into , for casual occasions.

    I think even her least armed body would include retractable spines and swords .

    Yuri , might still be interested. her conshiousness has taken over the ship, she might tell Yuri that in actuallity she is the ship and Yuri is already inside her. Yuri ,..very shocked, still does not spill drink.

  6. JKCarroll

    @Corpore Metal, don’t forget — that teenager has also had a couple of beers.

    Wonder what she’s going to do when she DOES run into that cute ubergeek logic programmer…

  7. @jkcarroll, my prediction is that maybe that will be her tragic turning point. She’ll disintegrate him, intentionally or by accident, and then realize too late, that in an all too human way, power corrupts.

    Or not. Maybe she’ll wise up before then.

    I don’t think she’ll give up being a cyborg though–I mean come on! Being a cyborg would be way cool! I think she’ll eventually learn to a cyborg and still retain her humaneness. It’s not that she’s losing her humanity–human is as human does after all–it’s that she’s losing her humaneness.

  8. JKCarroll

    @Corpore Metal wrote:
    @jkcarroll, my prediction is that maybe that will be her tragic turning point. She’ll disintegrate him, intentionally or by accident, and then realize too late, that in an all too human way, power corrupts.
    Oh, my dear and fluffy Lord…

    I was re-reading the strip, came to the part where the room glowed red, and then I flashed on an essay by Larry Niven: Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. Its about the problems Superman would have trying to … mate … with a human female. Lets just say that it doesn’t end well for the woman. For the same reason, unless Yuri has somehow disabled all her weapons systems, she could have sex with an ubergeek logic programmer. Once. Then she’d have to find a new one.

    I wonder if they could show it on pay-per-view…

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