03/28/11 Let’s Liberate Some Eebs


I had three T-Shirts and a print up for sale for a limited time (no longer for sale here), they were these:

And the dropped Turdis one, because people told me they felt it was saying “Doctor Who is poo” which was not my intention. 🙂

The print is no longer for sale

“Hard Science Fiction”

8″x10″ Giclée Print


This is a pre-order, it will be shipped to you within a month.


  1. …well…yeah…I definitely noticed.
    Shirt 1: I could never wear that in public
    Shirt 2: I could never wear that in front of my grandmother –she’s a retired lawyer, you see (though probably wouldn’t get the reference within the year)

    Two things: first, how did Dimitri know the receptionist was female?
    second, I just remembered Red-9 was the eeb that “can’t remember where she’s from”. Aside from the eeb who fixes everything with duct tape, how many of them are as “messed up”?

  2. Christopher

    @Frank, I am SO not hiring you as my T-Shirt PR man. 🙂 Q1: Jo & Leland covered that one Q2: plenty, I’m sure, just like us humans. 😉

    @War_Pig, yes! Anyhting in my Topatoco store helps the kitty too! Thank you!

  3. AG


    I am surprised to not see a “Eeb Liberation Front” T-shirt/coffee mug.

    I can’t promise to buy the E.L.F. shirt, but I thought maybe someone else might.
    (There ought to be something you could do with G.O.B., too, but I’m not sure what yet.)

  4. Leland

    On a more “serious”, if all it takes to give eebs a backbone (besides genetic engineering; apparantly they have exoskeletons) is to expose them to the unadultered orneyness of humanity, wouldn’t it be possible to raise/build a sub-race of independent eebs?

    But then if everyone in the galaxy depends upon eebs for their technology, wouldn’t the independent eebs quickly decide to use their technology to become our new galactic overlords?

    Is eeb liberation actually a BAD thing for the rest of the galaxy?

    OK, waaaaay to serious. Time to go to bed.

  5. @A.G.: Officially it’s called “InterPlanet Amity”. Hey, you know what would be cool? Martina’s beret! (Not that I’d buy one)

    @Chris: Hmm… maybe I’ll make an inch-sized version for when I write my review on Spacetrawler

    Firstly, all eebs are sterile; you can’t really have a “race” if they can’t have kids
    Secondly, eebs are not warlike, so no hostile takeover. (The question, perhaps, is whether they are “greedy” by nature –imagine the power they’d have if their inventions had royalties and patents!)
    Thirdly, being an “overlord” requires “lording” (that is, administering) the conquered lands; with eebs, its more likely they’ll invent some kind of ruling computer that always makes perfect decisions (and yes, there are hundreds of sci-fi stories where such a computer goes horribly wrong)

  6. Abeo

    @Frank: Their sterility doesn’t mean anything. As long as their population is sustainable they are a viable species. The mechanism that is used isn’t really relevant.

    I like the sci-fi stories where the practically omniscient computer system goes horribly RIGHT. Where the creators don’t understand what their insctructions to the computer really mean and it just follows their instructions faithfully.

  7. @Abeo: Right. I hadn’t considered they’d be able to take the eeb-factory-thing with them

    @AG: Since Interplanet Amity = IPA, it took me a while to realize you were actually talking about Ale.

    @Chris: Why, yes! I, Robot was precisely what I was thinking of! But then I also remembered War Games, so I just wrote “hundreds”

    @JKCarol: Laugh Out Loud, eh?

  8. Kat

    Hmmm, overlords…maybe the eebs are the long-lost evolutionary ancestors of the daleks (Primordial Eeb!!), and that’s why they could build those amazing robot-body things. And then… I realized that I need to go to bed because I am delirious and making terrible puns. My apologies. But Chris started it with all the Dr. Who references… Turdis?? Really? Gah!

    @ AG: No, you said it first (far as I know). And I got it immediately and I laughed. Make you feel better? 🙂
    Or maybe it should be EPA–Eeb Pale Ale… ?

    ps: Today’s comments must hold the record for the most “ats” ever in such a relatively short thread. @@! Heh, that spells At-At. Argh….g’night!!

  9. Mike

    Yeah, I can’t help but think Red-9’s refusal to obey when Martina says “Don’t go” is going to be an important plot point. Also, it took me a while to realize what Gurf was talking about in the last panel.

  10. LongshotLink

    Someone already said it, but I agree, that refusal to obey an order is going to be really important. And it’s going to take Martina a while to recognize it.
    Also, just read through the archives. Can’t wait to read more. This is thrilling and I love the characters.

  11. Kathleen

    This is really bugging me. I don’t like how easily she (yes, remember, Red-9 is a she, right?) refused that order. Shouldn’t she at least be hesitant? This is not subtle at all. I feel like this is the most orquestrated book-plot device yet in this strip. Maybe it will be explained later? The problem with seeing one page a day. Also: Martina firing immediately? I hope it was on stun, because otherwise, that’s another problem with character consistency.

  12. Night-Gaunt

    I think I know the secret. The Eebs can reproduce. It is something that could never be taken away from a race as smart as they are. Plus we know nothing about their physiology and evolution.

    Interestingly Emily is the one I see that hasn’t changed. She fits right in yet wears all the same clothes even the tube top is the same color. Red-9 just proved volition and then sapience by the GOB’s definition.

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