03/22/11 Slahkmokter Corp.


My friend Cedra (she’s an amazing realist painter) is funding her trip to Australia to do painting research via KICKSTARTER, go, check out her video, lend her a hand (*EDIT* Yay! She reached her kickstarter goal! Thanks everyone!*EDIT*). Also, the wonderfully talented Scott Kurtz has put out a “Best of PVP” of his comic PVP, with his huge archive it’s a great way to get a flavor of the strip.

In sci-fi news, it appears they may be making a television series of Pratchett’s Discworld. Wouldn’t THAT be something. Wait, and maybe a production of Good Omens too? We’ll just have to wait to see, but both would be so much fun. πŸ™‚

And I want to mention again that “Spacetrawler book 1 — The Human Seat” isΒ  ripe to be nominated for a HUGO AWARD in the category of “Best Graphic Story.” So, if you wish to nominate it (you must already be a member Renovation, nominations dueΒ  March 26th THIS Saturday), you have my support (and encouragement).

And also, please, show your support by visiting the store! πŸ™‚


  1. Catinthewall

    While I can’t wait to go cyborg, It’s becoming more and more apparent that Yuri’s been pushing at the transhumanism harder and faster that seems healthy. Ever since her torture, she’s become obsessed with being as invulnerable as possible, and as a result, she’s walling herself off from those she (hopefully still) considers her friends. I’m afraid this won’t end happily for her. πŸ™

  2. Ben

    From a storyteller’s point of view I really love this development. So their coming raid won’t be a simpley display of Yuri’s superior firepower (i.e. it will be exciting), and the supposed reason for that fleshes heir character out even more.
    He’s hoping for Monday! πŸ˜€

  3. Martina may be a total clothes horse but she is really cagey and clever in her people skills.

    So is it like a way to tell time in this story that every time she changes outfits at least a day has past? Or does she change them hourly?! We know she doesn’t change them every five minutes because Nogg said 5 minutes later and she’s still wearing the same uniform.

  4. Thomas S

    Yuri’s expressions are even more impressive if you see the strip in the iPhone version … which is something I often forget to check out – it’s pretty darn good IMO.

  5. Leland

    Everyone’s taking that “accidental discharge” remarkable calmly.

    Except for Yuri, of course. Who didn’t even know it happened.

    Shouldn’t the ship send out scut-bots to clean up the damage, or am I trapped in “Farscape”?

  6. Good job, Captain! I love that Martina’s really showing some command chops. Yuri is seriously unstable, and letting her loose now would be to turn the entire galaxy even more against them than they already are. It’s one thing to be engaged in a moral battle for the rights of a species, but leaving a bloody swath of corpses in your wake has a tendency to burn off goodwill and sympathy to the cause…

    I love reading this comic!

  7. Christopher

    I’m so glad you all like Martina’s (and Yuri’s) character growth as much as I am, writing it. πŸ™‚
    @Daniel, no i didn’t, but the internet shall lead the way like a shining beacon. Thanks for the heads up. πŸ™‚

  8. Nomi

    @Christopher: But Krep participated in raids, if not actually planet(asteroid)side. He’s advising Rikshaw Boans in the opening sequence, presumably from orbit. Surely Krep would know something of typical Eeb liberation raid logistix?
    @Esebian: I’m thinking she turns on a magnetic current or suction in the arms when she wants to grab something.

  9. JKCarroll

    @Nomi, right now Krep is on a very small ship with Nogg, Pierrot, Dustin, Pierrot’s luv-interest-wannabe, and a pottybot who may or may not be a contender for Pierrot’s affections. Krep will be unable to offer raiding advice for a few weeks.

  10. Given that Yuri has already been secretly piloting the ship and such, it seems like she doesn’t put a lot of stock in Martina’s command. So I think Martina took quite a risk that Yuri wouldn’t violently mutiny, right then and there (and I’m pleasantly surprised that Yuri seems to be following orders, however petulantly).

  11. Abeo

    I second the hand comment and add that I find it dissapointing. Cyborgs should have super-badass complex hands that are works of art. Not giant clunky blasters. That is not classy Yuri.

  12. Thomas S

    ps – I presume I have been moderated once or twice in the past – it would be nice to be advised why … mind you, silence would indicate that I failed to press the ‘post comment’ button …

  13. Christopher

    @Thomas_S, it’s an auto-spam thing. Any post with two or more links needs approval (spam posts often have multiple links). It has NOTHING to do with you personally, I enjoy your posts. πŸ™‚

  14. Thomas S

    Thank goodness for that, I was contemplating hiring an internet breathmint consultant to see about my posting problems, so glad it’s just a moderation flag, not anything else.

    Carry on Christopher, there’s no aggrieved fan issues here anymore.

  15. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, so I can post a link to my web site that tells you how to make money at home running your own porn site while distributing Canadian Viagra, so long as it’s only one link at a time?


    (BTW, I’m having some problems collecting my Irish Lottery winnings. If anyone would like to help, for a modest fee, they can share in the winnings. LMK if you’re interested…)


  16. On another note, I recently started using a new medicine. It’s a powder that has to be mixed with water. As you can probably guess, the taste is nothing to write home about. The mixture is a light brown opaque, so when the nurse brought me the first cup I thought it looked like a latte.
    After tasting it, I realized my hunch was right. It’s spacetrawler coffee. It tastes like asteroid!

  17. Daniel

    I love spacetrawler, but it’s always one of those comics I check when I remember to. But I need to check it more often–I would have LOVED one of those “Hard Science Fiction” shirts, and worn it to so many of my bear board games nights.

  18. Night-Gaunt

    This is a fantastic and professional strip that gets more interesting the longer I read it. I know I am going to not like Martina’s death but someone has to pay the price for all this mayhem. I just hope it isn’t accidental by Yuri and her going too deeply into her R-Complex to revel in such destruction and death. The fact that she sacrificed hands to have two blasters is significant. I couldn’t stand not having hands no matter what else I could do.

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