03/30/11 The Great Eeb Escape


Hello new readers! It’s been a hugely busy couple of days here, and I apologize for the sometimes slow website loading, it was because a lot of traffic was passing through (but my web garthim, Corey, kept it running because he is AWESOME). Which brings me to: thank you to Scott Kurtz of PVP, Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja (and now writer for Deadpool), Jon Rosenberg of Scenes From a Multiverse and Goats, and Dave Kellett of Drive and Sheldon for talking up Spacetrawler and Spacetrawler Book#1. Every dog has it’s day and this day is mine. Thank you all! I am now going to buy myself a cookie.

As you can see, in the right-hand column there is a link for “new readers” (although the twice-weekly archive is only a little over a year old, so I suggest starting at the beginning). To help support me, my online TopatoCo store,Β  original artwork for each strip is for sale (underneath each strip, along with a link to what the original sepia-colored artwork looks like), or by donation. This is my full-time job (plus freelance work), so it all helps put food on my table.

Enjoy the strip!




  1. Leland

    A web garthim? I want a web garthim! Where do I get MY web garthim?

    (Just watched Dark Crystal again a month ago. Still rocks!)

    PS Since you deny me new merch that’s actually related to Spacetrawler, I have given in and bought a copy of the Book 1.

  2. minion

    Got linked to you via… AArgh cant remember PVP?
    Anyway binged on your archive most awesome.
    I need to get back to work but on mystery remains…
    Recipe for the limbic fizzler! Miserable failure that i am i completely managed to miss it.
    Please please please with cherries and sprinkles can you post a permalink to it somewhere?
    Somewhere obvious? Like where I am likley to be able to find it? In the dark? Drunk?

  3. BoredomBoy

    Also got linked from PVP… wow, this is an awesome strip and story. I’m sad that I read through all of the archive already!
    Oh, and I agree with Matt, an Eeb plushy would be awesome!

  4. JKCarroll

    And if a plushy Eeb isn’t possible, I’d settle for one of their stylish coats (to go with my Firefly Capt’n “Tightpants” Malcom Reynolds leather duster).

    Mal: “Well, look at this! Appears we got here just in the nick of time. Whaddya suppose that makes us?”

    Zoe: “Big damn heroes, sir.”

    Mal: “Ain’t we just!”

  5. Christopher

    @Minion, the AFK Tavern in Everett, WA has a Limbic Fizzler, which is awesome. But the actual galactic recipe is unknown on earth. I may try to communicate with the stars and figure it out at some point. if I do, it’ll be posted here. πŸ™‚

    I would love to do plushies, but I’m afraid they’re a bit down the line in the realm of possiblity.

  6. Meh! That next to last sentence was definitely a sign I was still waking up and hadn’t had my coffee! But I have carried online strips for people in the past. I don’t need to carry the strips themselves, but you can offload some of your elements onto me. Not much, but being self-employed too my cash flow can into to the serious suck levels as you know.

  7. Christopher

    @digsafe, @b & @JKCarrolll are right on that one.

    @Basketcasesoftware, thank you! So kind of you to offer. But I’m okay. A bit slow in the last few days of traffic spike, understandably, but all working fine and good. πŸ™‚

  8. Niall

    Well the is a coincidence. I wasn’t linked from anywhere. I read Little Dee, and then I realised that you also wrote this. Wow Christopher, I’m really impressed. I’ll definitely be sticking around.

  9. minion

    Limbic fizzler yippee!

    Limbic Fizzler
    Absolut Pear and Ginger Ale with a sugar cube.

    That actually sounds pretty neat.

    Also love the recipe for
    Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
    151, gin, tequila, triple sec, blue curacao, grenadine, bitters and sprite.
    Needs a slice of lemon. And some gold dust πŸ™‚

    I would love to come visit if it wasnt like on the other side of the planet.

  10. While on the subject of drinks inspired by fiction, you ought to try a Blue Melissa. It first appeared in the comic my name links to, and the recipe is somewhere in the forum.
    (And yes, that is also a sneaky way to get more readers…)

  11. Night-Gaunt

    Oops, in panel 9 Emily loses her navel. But it returns soon enough. Considering how athletic she is it is good she keeps so much skin exposed to bleed off excess heat.

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