04/04/11 Lobby Showdown


Monday was the last day for the shirts! They sold well, but not an overwhelming amount, so they’re outta’ here! The order’s going in on Tuesday and I’ll ship ’em as soon as they arrive in my hands. But the print will remain available!

“Hard Science Fiction”
8″x10″ Giclée Print
(no longer available)


  1. Emily gives a whole new meaning to “the phone is ringing”; and something tells me someone’s going to have a lot of fun zapping Gurf into a loop.

    Wait, the shirts sold well? Maybe my comment became a selling point! Too bad I’m broke right now, I’d buy one of your plagi– er, that second model you designed and love

  2. Thomas S.

    Absolutely superb rendition of the saying ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’. Love the little magnetic boots and gloves that do so many handy things. And Gurf is such a deadweight … stunningly so. (I wonder if he is using a variation of Dimitri’s immunisation to blaster fire tactic?) I am very enticed at what might be in that Suitcase of Red9 – is that a spark of independence and original thought there in that eeb?

  3. Emily still has the ring? Somehow, I’m not too surprised. Kuu-Drac becoming the “last straw” was a nice touch.

    Also, Red-9’s is showing a lot of free will for an ebb. Maybe if ebbs are caught sneaking and lying, that could be the proof that they’re as intelligent as any of us. I can’t wait to see what’s in that case.

  4. Fish

    Hey, is that a Bollyck in the first panel?
    Gurf’s probably not going to get immune just yet – he’s only been knocked unconscious twice in this raid.
    @Thomas S. & Marj, someone was saying something similar about the racial secret of trawler-making. I can’t remember how much Christopher said on that subject (I want to guess that it was something like what Red-9 said in panel 3).

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