04/06/11 Dimitri’s Smooth Save


Been a busy week. Made some Irish fadge (pita-like bread). Saw a play, “The Beams are Creaking” at the Taproot Theater pay-what-you-can-night. Walked around downtown in Pike Place market and such, and got vegetarian hotdogs over at Cyberdogs. Skyped with my nephew, who’s like 3, and is cooler than I’ll ever be — I took a screen-shot.

Links: The talented Mary Cagle of Kiwi Blitz was inspired by my use of color over washes, and tried it out herself, very cool. And thank you again, this past week, to Scott Kurtz of PVP, Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja (and now writer for Deadpool), Jon Rosenberg of Scenes From a Multiverse and Goats, and Dave Kellett of Drive and Sheldon for talking up Spacetrawler and Spacetrawler Book#1.


  1. nagopaleen

    See, where would our intrepid heroes be if Dmitri had left them bereft of the famous Russian skills? The seduction that convinced Napoleon’s soldiers to switch sides! The immunity to stun lasers that protected Moscow from the Nazi cyborgs! The alcoholism that makes it difficult to remember history! *hic*

  2. Fish

    Hah! Those stupid stormtroopers always build blast doors that take 6 seconds to close! (Yeah, I don’t know how links work on this site. Just testing stuff out.)

  3. me

    Didn’t she give the order not to follow anyone’s orders but those from her group. Dimetri wasn’t in their group at the time so if they follow his orders it is a very interesting plot development.

  4. Christopher

    @Sean, it might not be Irish at all. It’s essentially a pita-like flat-bread with potatoes in the dough (along with flour, water, etc).

    @me, that is a good point, although I will cleanly say that was not my intention. Perhaps I should add something along the lines of Martina saying “yeah, it’s okay, follow him” in the second-to-last panel. I will ponder this. Thanks for noticing. 🙂

  5. JKCarroll

    @me, lemme ask you: who would YOU follow, the stressed out babe who orders you (without thinking) to land you on your head, or the happy guy skipping his way to freedom and a fun time?

    @nagopaleen, you should check out the history of the famous Don Cossack General Matvei Platov. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matvei_Platov) There is a story that before Napoleon invaded Russia, he invited Platov to Paris where Platov was wined and dined. Finally, Napoleon asked Platov what it would take for Napoleon to have an army of Cossacks. Platov thought for a moment, then replied that first, Napoleon should bring all the prettiest French girls to Paris; then Platov would bring the Don Cossacks under his command to Paris, and in 20 years, Napoleon would have his Cossack army!

  6. Jeff

    @Sean, fadge is aka potato bread – supposedly called ‘tatty scones’ too tho i never encountered that name “in the wild”. Origin is from Northern ireland – don’t hear it much elsewhere, although Ive encountered it a few times here in Boston.

  7. Fish

    @JKC, obviously they have free will.

    The dubious evidence (racial secret of trawler construction, Red-9’s briefcase) is adding up!

    {nitpick}@me and Christopher, the eebs aren’t actually following him outside, they’re just crowding around the entrance and looking in his direction, which they probably would have done anyway. When you say “We’re here to free you!” (https://www.baldwinpage.com/spacetrawler/2011/03/29/spacetrawler-129/ panel 2), it usually means that normally helpful (as in not like a logicbot) eebs would take it into their own hands.{/nitpick}

  8. thomas s

    I’m a bit with @Fish – it looks like they are congregating around Dimitri, not following him. That effect would be stronger if there was an eeb in the back row looking back at Martina with a questioning look.

  9. Christopher

    Sorry, guys not sure why Cyrillic isn’t working. And I think I’m going to go with Fish and Thomas and let the strip’s penultimate panel stand as is.

    @Jimmy, Yeah. Soon he’ll be 14 and going out with his crazy uncle Chris for drinks, to get away from dowdy mom and dad. Buuuut….. hopefully not. 🙂

  10. MYW

    Just read the entire archives in one sitting; linked here from Drive Comic. Amazing comic, hilarious, and awesome art! I’m so invested in these characters it’s a little ridiculous. <3 Much love and admiration!