06/06/11 Yuri And The Force


So, you may notice I have a new banner up there (below the strip/above the blog). Here are the bullet points.


  1. Christopher

    @Sirbacon, it was a coincidence, Red9 was named that without remembering the final scene of Star Wars. But when I was writing today’s strip and saw the chance to make the gag, how could I resist?

  2. @Leland – Them Eebs do quality work!

    Actually, if I had to retro-guess, I’d say Yuri probably is wired into the communications system (larynxes are *so* 20th century) and Martina’s remote is hopping through the comm system.

  3. Yuri started creeping me out a while back, so I’m desensitized to it (in a good way that allows me to enjoy the story better, and only until Chris comes up with some fresh horror).

    Mr. Zorilla’s face in the last panel, however, almost made me laugh out loud. I love those out-of-nowhere scene jumps.

  4. McGee

    man I didn’t think yuri looked like a tick till someone else mentioned it.. creepy. I was thinking Unicron with gripper arms. But yeah a Tick is worse.

    Her one woman star wars show really gets across how much of a goner she is mentally.

  5. JKCarroll

    I sure hope someone has given the order to the eebs that after Yuri wakes up, they are not to accept any further orders for body modifications from her or disable that sleep button. (Although I honestly wish I had one of those once in a while.)

  6. Yuri continues to disturb… The funny thing is, I caught myself being more troubled that she gets through a firefight by reciting “Star Wars” line-for-line than the fact that she’s turned herself into a cyber-tick.

    I guess this finally drove home the worrying truth that I’ve known people in real life who would probably do this to themselves if they had the opportunity. Humanity can be scary.

  7. Was that “eebs report in” some telepathic contact? Or was it part of the Star Wars hommage?

    Also, are they all named “red” because they’re from the same, uh, “factory”?

    Lastly, are they just going to let Yuri drift off like that? I mean, she’s now in a wingship that no one is piloting!

  8. Of course by “now” I mean “at this point in the story”, since the last panel is quite the vociferous reminder that all this happened long ago.

    Also, it scares me that you got Hallip’s quote backwards

  9. Christopher

    @JKCarroll, that is a very intelligent idea. Ha! I can’t say anyone will think of it. 😉

    @DevinParker, yes, many people i think would be happy to go Yuri’s route. AND I must admit, as much as her reciting Star Wars while fighting a space battle is a sign of her mental decline, if I found myself in a space battle, I wouldn’t be surprised to find me quoting it myself.

    @Frank, it’s simply in hommage. If they were Eeb names I would have used actual numbers rather than spell out the numbers (like I did for Red9). Also, the unmanned ship situation is handled first thing in Wednesday’s strip! 🙂

  10. @Herandar: “I find Yuri’s mental state to be far more frightenin than her tick-form. (Only six legs do I espy.)”

    Ticks have 8 legs as well – they’re also arachnids. Maybe she’s an insect?

    Also, you don’t need to apologize to Lucas, Chris. He owes us all. 😉

  11. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, thanks. You know, this talk about Yuri’s body modifications help put things in perspective for me. The next time my daughter comes to me and starts in on wanting a piercing or a tattoo, I can think about that small change, visualize Yuri, and calmly say to her:


    It’s good to keep things in perspective and to nip these ideas in the bud.

  12. I have to retract my earlier comment about clamp, and clamp like technology not being applied to other species.

    Though an ebb hybird might not be a step rather than a leap torward general domination.

  13. Kathleen

    Dear Chris: you are too good at this.

    Also: WHERE IS PIERROT? We should have pictures of him and Krep that say Never Forget. You are just so good at this that it is almost possible, and that is scarier than even Yuri’s transformation. 😛

  14. Krep and Perrot were merely thrown into a lava pit, I doubt they have died.

    If I may Quote…

    https://www.baldwinpage.com/spacetrawler/2010/12/14/spacetrawler-102/ “It’s an interesting thing, death in Science Fiction. With technology so advanced, if the author wants to make sure the reader won’t think the character will be brought back to life, the author can’t just shoot or dismember the character, the character really needs to be disintegrated.”

    Perhaps Migroots have a terriffic since of humor , ” Hahahahaha You should have seen the look on your face when we threw you into that lava!”

  15. Night-Gaunt

    More arms the better to move with, also I would expect she is linked to not only more cyber-eyes on her body but to any such system she can hack. Wish she wasn’t so dangerous now. Reminds me of the pilot for the “6 Million Dollar Man.” At the end Oscar Goldman was keeping him in electro-sleep till needed again. I wonder if Yuri will be able to override the nanites in her?

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