06/08/11 Dimitri and Shuar Talk


Today’s strip has (give or take) six locations, nine characters, and six punchlines. Hopefully it could still be read, understood and enjoyed by Joe Shmoe if he were to walk in off the street and read it — but still, you all deserve “elite reader” awards. I applaud you. (Not that my goal is to be complex. My goal is to produce good work, which admittedly sometimes gets complex).

Someone wrote me the other day, inquiring (in a friendly manner) if Yuri was a bit of a cyborg “F.U.” at Dresden Codak. And as much as a friendly rivalry amuses me, i wanted to let you all know: unequivocally NO. Aaran Diaz is very talented and I love his work, both Dresden Codak and his blog about making comics: Indistinguishable From Magic are excellent reads.

Although…. in a fight, who would win? Kim or Yuri?…… I’ll let YOU decide.

Below is a doodle I did of Kim:

And lastly: what a day for comic Book releases! Vera Brosgel’s Anya’s Ghost (which I’ve had on pre-order since February), Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy, and Gene Luen Yang and Thien Pham’s Level up. Nice!


  1. Hydrargyrum

    In a conventional sense, Shuar would probably say “Hordes of children”. That’s the word for a large number of people. But maybe her people like to keep their children in big hidden stashes? In that case “Hoards of children” would make a lot of sense. πŸ˜€

  2. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, you asked for recommendations of romance novels, and now we see why! With Shuar’s declaration of love and Dimitri’s response, I cannot help but think of Tatiana and Onegin from that classic novel, “Eugene Onegin”.

    So the question is, will Dimitri end up like Onegin, a broken man, after Shuar finds her true love with Gurf?

  3. Nemo

    With the way she is right now (and if she were conscious), Yuri would beat Kim. But I’m tempted to say, by analogy with the Batman trope, “Kim, with enough prep time”. I rate Kim as much smarter than (at least unenhanced) Yuri, and only half as crazy. πŸ™‚

    I love how Kim is portrayed as basically a lovable loser, until the people from the future arrive… and they’re terrified of her. But I’ll stop there, in case someone hasn’t read HOB.

  4. I think it’s more Frederick Nietzche’s nose.

    Though I do like Martina’s decisions: “We need the expert at blowing off women to blow off a woman, the expert on Earth treating the Earthlings, and the expert on talking crap behind the bar.” What could go wrong? (I’ve just doomed them all, haven’t I? Oh wait, Nogg tells us Martina is already doomed)

  5. Christopher

    @Leland, that was intentional! Cerise not only trusts and respects Martina, but was also there when Yuri was de-limbed and her friend Mauve12 was killed HERE. But also, Martina’s goal is to not make the Eebs do things they don’t want to. and so she asks.

    @Thomas, Hahahahah! No. πŸ™‚

  6. LongshotLink

    Kim’s not really designed for combat. Her cyborg-ness is more suited to pursuing scientific endeavors. Meanwhile, Yuri has her anime fandom background, and there are a lot of mechas and giant robos used primarily for combat. That’s probably the direction she went with her own cyborg-itude. But, as someone else said, with proper warning (though is she’s near some science stuff, probably much less as she’d improvise) Kim would pull a Batman and take Yuri down.

  7. M.A.

    Damn you, Chris Baldwin. I just spent two hours reading Dresden Codak archives, and my kitchen is still a pit. Would you stop with the tasty links, already! Aaaargh…

  8. JKCarroll

    @Dunn, it’s like a New Yorker cartoon I read years ago. The guy at the bar is telling the bartender, “I’m so confused. My therapist tells me one thing and you tell me another.”

    And @M.A.: You HAD to mention “tasty links.” [drool] tasty links … sausage… I LOVE watching them make sausage… If you tell a sausage maker what spices to use, does that count as giving sage advice? I know, I know, that’s gotta be one of the wurst puns ever…

  9. I’m catching up with Spacetrawler every two or thee weeks so I can read a few pages at a time. For this one I really love the way Dimitri sits in the Captain’s chair: even Captain Kirk was never so laid down when in command…;-)

    Keep up the great work!

  10. While I’m at it, may I say I also adore the way Martina takes command? She doesn’t really want the job, but since there isn’t anybody better qualified than her, she takes it up because she *must*.

    She takes tough decisions, choosing the lesser of the possible evils, and then feels remorse for the people she still lets down.

    I’d vote Martina for President in a heartbeat. In other words, one of the best (possibly the best) SF comics characters I’ve come across in recent years.

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