07/25/10 Dimitri Operates


“Purfin M-32” – and – “Pierrot, Defender of Awesome!“*

There are a multitude of styles and sizes during the pre-order week, so order one now! I will probably order some for having in stock, but likely only one style of the many, and only limited sizes.

So yes, I read through all the feedback on the Purfin shirt, and am coming back with you in force. Both designs feature 4 colors screenprinted art on a solid-color shirt background (in other words, this it NOT an iron-on).

Enjoy! -Christopher

*if either shirt does not reach 20 sales in a week or so, I will cancel it and refund all payments for that shirt.


  1. Leland

    As a former naval officer myself, I am glad to see that Martina has adopted the (usually beneficial) policy of not asking questions she doesn’t want answers to.

    (Really, it does make things run smoother.)

  2. War Pig

    Great T’s!. Don’t bail on me, I have to wait until I see whether or not I get a check come August before I order. I’m a disabled veteran and there is considerable doubt we’ll be paid on time, if at all in August. The farm pays the basics (electricity, food, fuel, groceries, water, taxes, equipment payments, etc), but any extras come from the VA check.

  3. Christopher

    @KarlMonster, you have not seen the last of him being stunned. 🙂

    Hey @Leland, I definitely made orders in the first day :), but still have more to go to have enough to order a batch of shirts!

  4. Leland

    The link back to strip 121 does poses the ominous question:
    what IS the sexual compatibility rating between Humans and Eebs? (please G-d, <49% !)

    P.S. "Really, don't consider it a gift, consider it a bribe." – HA! 🙂

  5. Christopher

    @Leland, I’m sure it has to do with some of the T-shirt coding I did. Two questions should do it for me. Was it like this yesterday? For Firefox and Safari for me it’s still justifying left, what browser are you using?

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