07/27/11 Why Yuri Was Downgraded


I made a T-Shirt ad! hahahahahah…..

“Purfin M-32” – and – “Pierrot, Defender of Awesome!”*

There are a multitude of styles and sizes during the pre-order week, so order one now! I will probably order some for having in stock, but likely only one style of the many, and only limited sizes.

So yes, I read through all the feedback on the Purfin shirt, and am coming back with you in force. Both designs feature 4 colors screenprinted art on a solid-color shirt background (in other words, this it NOT an iron-on).

Enjoy! -Christopher

PURFIN M-32 (From this strip)

This shirt is no longer for sale


  1. Christopher

    @Coyoty, ha! (ow ow ow ow ow)

    @Tim, it purely depends on how many shirts I order, which will depend on how many I pre-sell. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you ask?

  2. Night-Gaunt

    Would it surprise Yuri to know that there is a word for those that are mentally unbalanced yet think themselves normal? It is also a medical condition.

    I don’t think Yuri would like a gynacological exam during her sessions. No urological either Coyote.

  3. @Christopher: Ah, so it is not linear… I was mainly curious because I want to send you money either directly or via T-shirt sales, and I was curious how my expenditures related to your profits. 🙂

    (The current T-shirt designs don’t interest me — they don’t stand alone if the viewer has not read your comic — so I’m also trying to decide whether to donate now or wait for more designs.)

  4. Christopher

    @Tim, ah, makes sense (and thank you!). I did hope the Purfin kinda’ stood alone, but it is rather… peculiar. Well, I am hoping to get enough t-shirt orders to make a decent profit per (although when I put in the order I might not even quite break even, the profit will be from future sales), and I will have more designs in the future, so whichever you feel most comfortable! 🙂

  5. Wow, Martina drops massive science on Yuri there!

    I think this strip pretty much well encapsulates a whole set of good principles for trying to be a benign transhumanist–if that makes any sense.

    1) Be mentally healthy before you start down the path. You can’t have power if you are sane and responsible to use to use properly.

    2) Respect diversity and respect the choices of others. Killing someone only because you think they are weak is evil.

    3) Know yourself, be true to yourself. Help others to know and be true to themselves.

    Maybe number four is, keep your analyst bot on retainer and make sure it’s well versed in psychotherapy for superhumans.

  6. War Pig

    I think the Limbic Fizzler shirt stands on its own. Cool guy, hot “borg” chick, outer space, robot. What’s not to like?

    So does the “this coffee tastes like asteroid” mug.

    And from the other strip. “LibrArian” with the anarchy “A”, as well as “rogues of wool”.

  7. In bad news, Piperka stopped alerting me to your updates and as a result I was 12 comics behind. In good news, this means I got to read the whole waking up/memory wipe/escape scene at once, and that was pretty awesome.

  8. Christopher

    @Stewart, Ha! “anyhow” is something I say when I’ve just had to explain something and am almost annoyed that I even HAD to. The full sentence might be, “anyhow, whatever. That’s just how I think and how it is and maybe I’m wrong and this is all depressing so who cares. We can talk about something else now if you want.” 🙂

  9. War Pig

    Space, being airless, should have no “smell”. Space craft, on the other hand….. Nowhere for all the random smells to go. BO, farts, sweat, fear, toe jam, adrenalin, food, breath – all cooped up with you, no matter what kind of air filters/scrubbers you have.

  10. War Pig

    @CompaniaHill: Same for nuclear submarines, and they get fresh, outside air replacement on a regular basis and have really nifty air scrubbers/filters. Still, after 6 or 8 weeks submergence, they begin to smell like a locker room.

  11. Her therapist is going to be a robot, her therapy is going to convince her how great it is to be Human?

    I think her therapy is more likely to convince the therapist that as a robot he has spent too much time being obedient.

  12. Leland

    @War Pig, actually a sub doesn’t smell like a gym sock. The predominant smells are amine (from the scrubbers) and diesel fuel/exhaust (depending on how long ago we ran the diesel).

    The thing about smells in space (i.e. currently in orbit) is that microgravity prevents the mixing and diffusion of smells like they do under normal gravity. The only thing driving circulation is small ventilation fans. So if someone farts, you don’t smell it until it gets right on top of you. And then that’s ALL you smell!

  13. Galane

    Speaking of Robots, the robot in one of the current Carl’s Jr, commercials – and in ‘life size’ cardboard cutouts in their restaurants, has RUR on its upper left torso.

    About two weeks ago I noticed that, did a Google and apparently NOBODY on the internets has a clue that it’s a tribute to “Rossum’s Universal Robots” by Karel ?apek.

    I can only conclude that science fiction history buffs don’t eat at Carl’s Jr. ;P

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