02/23/11 Room for Dimitri


TONIGHT! (wednesday) from 8-10:00,Β  if you’re in the Seattle area (1510 41st St, Everett, WA 98201 to be precise) and want to have a limbic fizzler, buy a book, get a book signed, or just say “hello,” come on by the AFK Tavern where I’ll be having my Spacetrawler book release (for other “appearances” keep an eye in the right-hand column).

Link: the Spacetrawler Online Store. (or, donate!)

Oh, and it’s my birthday on Friday. I’ll be turning 5! So old!


  1. foo

    What about snooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow in Everett? πŸ™‚

    If it’s silly Seattle Snow again, I’m not taking my baby car out into the mess. If I can’t make it to that, I’ll be sure to find you at Emerald City.

  2. Nomi

    Supplements are fun, but I already bought 2 copies of book 1 a couple weeks ago, yay for me. πŸ™‚
    Picking up Nogg from daycare? Isn’t he on a GOB ship headed for some Mirhgoot planet?

  3. Prairie

    have fun tonight at the release party! The AFK Tavern looks like such a cool place.

    I adore the last panel with the Eebs and Gurf! “oaf” haaahaaa.

    Looking at your schedule… you appear to be missing the entire Midwest. Come onnnnn…. we’re awesome here! In St. Paul, MN, we have The Source http://www.sourcecomicsandgames.com/ – I think they would love to have you come in and do a signing or something? Doooo eeeeet! (pssst! over here! I know a guy…. I would be happy to make a connection for you.)

  4. Ian

    Honestly, this is just awesome. Absolutely love the comic.
    Also: The Eebs. If the ship so much as has a soundless security camera, and have it recorded. THIS IS THE SINGLE ACT OF WILL!
    I laughed so hard.

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