08/08/11 Smashed Therapy


I think Yuri got that drink from a party in a themed room at Convergence.

I’m still in Albuquerque, although missing home and the cats. The SciFi Expo kinda’ felt like it was trying to find its identity, but it was nice, quiet, and everyone I met was really nice.

Mostly I just put my attention into enjoying my trip. I spent my free time with my friends Fred, an amazing cook, and Cedra, an amazing painter. We took the tram and hiked around the Sandia Mountains, We went to Tinkertown Museum, we hiked into see the Petroglyph National Monument, saw a music performance “Ballads and Runes” (with a hurdy-gurdy) — outdoors at the Elena Gallegos Amphitheater with the moon rising on one side and the sun setting on the other — who sung a song about an orphaned medieval gal who ends up with her knight (who got off rather easy considering his behavior).

I have put in the order for the Purfin shirts, hopefully I’ll have those in hand and off to you all soon.

Some sketches I did at the con of a Dragon (and knight) for The Hero Initiative and “Joker in Space.” (I forgot to take a photo of the Dinosaur with tentacles and the flying crab and raining teeth, drawn as per request)

Petroglyph National Monument with Cedra and Fred:

Apparently the “Career Pilot” felt I would make a good Hypochondriac. Good. I don’t think I need a degree for that.

And lastly, a Tardis:


  1. Thomas S

    Yep – Bar Bot for the win.

    On one hand, imagine the therapy that could achieved with PottyBot being given this role and through it’s “playing to it’s strengths” therapy strategy.

    Yet, on the other hand, I must say( and when I do, it’s with an english style superior tone) that the display of therapy and well reasoned logic as demonstrated by BarBot is unparalleled with anyone else in the spacetrawler universe. I think we might have our own Jungian genius in BarBot. Imagined the revealed unconsciousness of other beneficiaries of BarBot’s now apparent skills – imagine the stories revealed about PottyBot’s wish to be the proud operator of a creche demonstrating it’s motherhood skills, or that of Cerese21’s wish to exert it’s capabilities towards dried flower arranging … we could have all manner of destabilised electronics on this ship.

    My mouth is all a-tingle with ant-ici-pation.

  2. Tom

    i’m starting to question whether if the design of the bar-bot head is supposed to be a cocktail drink shaker and if it is, it’d be totally awesome if it starts pouring stuffs out of its head…

  3. Stephen Smoogen

    Ah man, I got completely caught up in things, and completely forget the SciFi conference was this weekend. I believe it was the first one ever in Abq, and I only found out about it on Tuesday. I was hoping to meet up with you to say thanks for all the drawings over the years.

  4. Christopher

    @Crabtree, it WAS a McCoy-ism. 🙂

    @Nomi, ha! Excellent point. Although I always thought of it as if us, the readers, have worn the language hat, which translates it into English for us (and Martina would be hearing it in Spanish).

    Aw, @Stephen, well, I hope to be back. Maybe January?

  5. Jago of the 7 knives

    This episode reminds me of the time my best college bud got busted by his girlfriend for another dude and the gang helped him overcome his grief thru a three days binge which began on a Friday afternoon and ended on Sunday. I don’t have any memory of those three stupid days…just the realization that when I woke up sometime on Sunday morning?/afternoon?..I found my head resting on the toilet bowl with puke all over the place…I must state for the record that not all the puke in the barracks were mine! A great number of them were from someone else!

  6. Kathleen

    now that I’m looking at this again, the changing outfit thing seems a little absurd. either she IS changing outfits twice a day, or she can only see one person a day for some reason. is the ship that massive?

  7. Mike

    also @kathleen maybe only sees one person a day that leads to relevant plot or character development. They could all get together for a party in the lounge every evening for all we know but nothing relevant happens.

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