08/15/11 Planet Carpsellon


A good weekend of enjoying beautiful weather. We I canoed around Boston Harbor (in Olympia, WA, not in Massachusetts). And I just saw a small production of “Pirates of Penzance” at the Greenlake Bathhouse, put on by a middle-school aged cast, which was delightful.

A few thanks for Spacetrawler shout-outs… Don Ahe of the awesome webcomic “Road Apples Almanac” wrote a blurb about Spacetrawler about a year ago HERE, Lys wrote a blurb about Spacetrawler about a half a year ago HERE, and Mark Grealish wrote a blurb about Spacetrawler about a year ago HERE. On a related topic, let me know if you write a review of Spacetrawler anywhere, I’m (usually) happy to link to it, but often am never (or very belatedly) even aware of it.

In other “news,” I just finished reading Zach Weiner’s  first collection of strips “Save Yourself, Mammal!” from his comic strip SMBC. Awesome work, Zach! Check it out. (You may remember I did some art fill-in for the comic “Snowflakes” he writes for.)

Also, Scott Kurtz of PVP along with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade, creators of two of the largest online webcomics, are co-creating a new comic called Tales From The Trenches. I’ll be curious to see how that goes. :)


  1. KingInYellow

    I, personally, think his pants look great.

    … and Yuri seems to be making good progress despite the short amount of time she’s been in therapy. Maybe letting Bar-bot get her sloshed would have been the correct thing to do? Who knows?

  2. Christopher

    @Leland, I just looked up one of the early drafts of today’s strip. Martina said this to Dimitri, “You may take Dal, but she must be handcuffed, well… not hands. Whatever her appendages are called, bind them.”

    In the end there wasn’t the space and I felt it bogged down the strip more than contributed. But I totally agree, and I can tell you that it’s so hard to make editorial decisions like that when I want to put in every little detail! 🙂

  3. Lukas

    Yuri will disassemble the bar/therapy-bot and become a bar/therapy/KILLERANDROID.

    I also like Gurfs new look, he’s gone from a minor charactor to a real fan-favourite, and needs clothes to fit the role. 😀

  4. Danna

    Yuri seems to be genuinely chastened, but I really, really hope she’s playing a trick, or at least has a spine-tingling relapse. Crazy Yuri was too much fun–and kind of valuable, too. They may need her firepower and calculated cruelty some time.

  5. I’m not sure what happens next, and I’m not sure it matters, as long as there’s plenty of sex and violence 🙂

    See? I may not be sophisticated, but I *do* know exactly what I want – fucking and fighting, the more the better.

  6. Thomas S

    Fugured it – why I don trust Yuri – Her face may be looking distraught and sorrowful, but the green and steel chestplate has a sneaky grin on it … don’t trust that grin on the chestplate.

    And @Pudgimelon – awesome assumption. I’ll put 2 russian tea cakes on it. But you might have it wrong, it’s probably the other way around.

  7. Night-Gaunt

    Yuri may be an asset as a killer cyborg but she needs her humanity too. Maybe she could trade off in times of peril then remove it like a coat. Tricky but with the advanced tech she probably could.

  8. Christopher

    @Plane, “Can the bar bot disobey Yuri’s orders?” — I’m not sure, and haven’t had instances of a robot disobeying orders aside from the potty-bot who has (possibly) a higher directive. I guess I’ll decide if and when I feel I need to. Currently there is nothing in the plot which demands a definition.

    And to answer the general question which seems to be going around: we have not seen the last of mecha-Yuri in whatever form that is going to mean, but the path around it may be twisty.

  9. CBob

    Well, one could argue that a bar-bot would have at least as much reason for a higher directive as a potty-bot. It’s gotta know when to cut someone off, possibly when to ask for the keys (depending on local laws), and almost definitely to refuse a drunken order for something toxic (in the hospital or morgue sense) to the customer’s species.

    Also, somewhere in the multiverse a band has just named itself “Gurf’s Fat Pants”.

  10. Fish

    Yuri is SO gonna relapse. What can Bar-Bot do, physically, to stop her? She wants to stay by the wingship so that she can get back to the I.A. Star Banger and re-upgrade. When the ship is targeted, she’ll probably kill a bunch more people. The best thing Bar-Bot can do is KEEP her liquored up.

    (UNLESS Martina foresaw this and had the eebs disable the ship enough that Yuri wouldn’t be able to repair before they returned.)

  11. To Leland’s comment about not using Eebs so often; either it just doesn’t occur to them, or (more likely in my opinion) they don’t want to be like the G.O.B. and just not be dependent on the cute little drab guys.

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