07/12/11 Awaiting The Ferry


For about 5 years I’ve been writing and drawing for MAD Magazine, mostly a tale of two idiots I titled, “It Only Hurts When I Laugh.” And not only is it humbling to work for such an established magazine I’ve enjoyed since my childhood, but they’ve also been really good to me and a fun bunch to work with.

You can continue to find “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” frequently in the magazine itself, as I am still producing them. but MAD is now also running them (not sure at what schedule) on their website. So, they’ve posted the first one I did for them back in 2006, and YOU CAN READ IT NOW.

The Purfin M-32 tee-shirts arrived, and they look great. For those who ordered them, I’ll have those in the mail before the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

And in awesome news, my girlfriendย made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Awesome news for me.


  1. Pi

    This has nothing to do with the comic, but…what happens to the language chips once they’re finished? Let’s take Mr. Zorilla, for example. Nog leaves. He can still understand every language on Earth, to say nothing of the rest of the world. Can he hear animals? Work as a translator for Spanish-speaking diplomats? Or do they remove the chips?

    I’m sure that the question has been considered an answered, but…discussion?

  2. Lord Morgue

    All your base are belong to Martina.
    Another great Martina outfit. She’s really fitting into her role as resistance leader, sartorially at least. A little Robin Hood, a little Che Guevara, a little Roj Blake, a little James T. Kirk, a little Return Of The Jedi Leia Organa. And zut alors! She makes that pleated miniskirt TALK!

  3. Christopher

    @Leland, I can’t think of the instance, what story are you referring to? If it’s homeric, of course, they had no radios and wouldn’t have been able to alert the ferry and say “don’t dock, we’ve been taken over by thugs!” In this case, that might be an issue.

    @Lord_Morgue, ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Christopher

    @Herandar…. oh my. Yeah, I made a change to the blog through my wordpress phone app last night, and it changed the title of this strip to “rumblings” (which I changed back), and you’re right, it messed with the tags too. I will be VERY wary of using the app again. :-/

  5. A Reader


    I’m continuing to love your comic! I’ve been following along since January 2011. You do great work. Your commitment to Spacetrawler deserves many rounds of applause. I look forward to Spacetrawler each week. It is awesomeness. I hope to soon be able to purchase a copy.

    I noticed some things in Panel 6 which may or may not be errors, but I thought I’d give you a heads-up just in case:

    “I’m not sure if I’m more afraid [for] the many who will die, or [of] our own probable death[s].”

  6. Night-Gaunt

    I like Martina’s constant wardrobe changes but still keeping to her revolutionary mode as space captain and leader of the rebels. It’s fun to see what you will put on her. Great fun! It will be interesting for Mr. Zorilla if he finds that certain animals communicate in ways that can be translated into understandable language. Like elephants, dolphins, hyenas (they can count!) and birds.

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