08/24/11 Nogg’s Obsolescence


Hey, is there any business/marketing people out there who have any desire to take over the marketing/networking side of my business? Today is one of those days when I feel like I am skilled at comics, and the rest… not so much.

Sigh. Anyhow. Breathe, wryly smile that today’s strip feels all-too apropos, and move forward.

So, I am no longer attending the Boston and NYC Wizard comic cons. I JUST found out that the dates were changed, and wasn’t told.

I’ve already bought the plane ticket out east…. which means I’m looking for replacements. I looks like I might attend MICE in Cambridge, MA on September 24th. And I’m looking at options for the weekend of Sep 17-18, so if anyone has ANY ideas or contacts or anything for conventions, fests, etc, I am open to hearing.

In the “me-writing” universe, hey! I’m looking for a episode-to-episode synopsis of Brazilian soaps (for writing research as far as how they handle character plotting). “Amor e Intrigas” is the specific one I’ve been looking for. Any of you have any ideas? :)


  1. Bill Kamp

    Awesome strip, Nogg questioning himself.

    That makes us question, where they in a wrong mission all this time???

    The G.O.B. is evil, but are they not the necessary evil considering the risk unclamped Ebbs are?

  2. JKCarroll

    YES! Krep DOES have a soft spot! And it ISN’T located just above his rectal orifice! (And it should be “orifice” in panel 5. I know, I know, but my browser kept complaining about the spelling so I checked it with Google. Now my browser is acting very smug because it’s a better speller than I am.)

    And @Bill Kamp, Curse You! I was frantically typing away, determined to be first, and yet you just beat me to it. Next time, less thinking, more typing, spelling doesn’t matter it’s the internet fercryinoutloud who cares if it’s orafice or orifice.

    And while I’m picking nits, I think it should be that Krep either “set aside” or “saved” the sandwich, but not “saved aside”. But what do I know? I’m just happy that Krep kares.

  3. Hydrargyrum

    I see JKCarroll has picked up the orafice -> orifice thing in panel 5 (and panel 6 as well, actually).

    I wonder if in panel 2 Krep should be saying “blow more of our wad on [a] lost cause” or “blow more of our wad on lost cause[s]”. At the moment the sentence doesn’t quite seem like the plurality lines up.

    Krep’s character design really gets shown off in this strip. I really like it; it’s so refreshing to have an alien character with a believable non-humanoid body plan.

    It’s certainly been an introspective and melancholic week and a half… the character writing has been excellent, as it has been through the entire strip. I really like the use of camera angles/point of view in this strip, too.

  4. War Pig

    My brand new Purfin T shirt is a success. It has made me taller, stronger, even more handsome, more intelligent and has increased the size of my man-package by 32.6%. My GF thanks you for the latter. I have found I can now play concert piano, blues harmonica and a really heavy bass guitar. It has stopped and reversed my slightly receding hairline, given me more confidence, erased my fear of public speaking and has caused the People to put my name on a write-in ballot for county commissioner. I also have noticed a 25% increase in the fuel efficiency of my truck. The skies are blue, the birds are singing and the neighbor’s kid down the road with the super-loud car stereo was arrested and had the stereo seized by the sheriff.

    Life is good. Thanks you Christopher.

  5. Evil Midnight Lurker

    We still don’t know the horrific secret of the spacetrawlers themselves. I have the feeling that revelation will settle once and for all which course of action is “good.”

  6. John G

    “Racing to Brogram’s teeth to blow more of our wad on lost cause” would imply they are putting money down on a horse race.

    Maybe that’s how they get their cash back! Long shot.

    Anyway, I think “to blow more of our wad on a lost cause” is more correct. 🙂

    == John ==

  7. John G

    Anyway – love the strip and I love the direction it’s going.

    Still, I have to think unclamped eebs are better than clamped eebs.

    Maybe our heros will find a better way!

    == John ==

  8. Eris Lobo

    @Evil Midnight Lurker I also have a strong feeling you’re right — which is why I also think our beloved strip’s author has kept the details from us (although, if you remember, a certain independent-minded eeb was about to casually tell Martina the secret of the spacetrawlers, but they got interrupted before he could do that, so apparently that eeb in particular doesn’t see it as either good or evil — but then, if the answer is “we use the souls of 1000 puppies and kittens linked together to make a spacetrawler” and that eeb in particular didn’t find it disturbing at all, it may say a great deal about the potentially psycho state of the eeb mind. *shrugs*)

    Like several things in the plot, it’s one of those things that repeatedly reminds me we’re all reading a limited storyline, a wonderful tale that has a start and, someday, a definite ending. Someday we’ll also find out about Martina’s great sacrifice and how she dies. As much as I’m wanting to find out that information, I hope that data is held back for a long time, because I hope this strip is as lengthy as possible. *crosses fingers*

  9. Well, it’s probably going to be a tough call but I come down on the side that unclamped Eebs are worth the risk.

    I also find Krep’s supposed “soft side” as ambiguous.

    He could just be offering a sandwich just to get Nogg’s kvetching and soul searching out of his presence. Notice that he says, “…and don’t eat it in front Pierrot….” in a kind of ambiguous way too. Literally it seems like concern for Pierrot’s sensitive nature but, it could also be that he has such a low opinion of his captain’s intelligence that he wants to head off any possibility for more noise, yelling and complaining from Pierrot by warning Nogg against this.

    What? I’m just trying to defend poor Krep from becoming a softy!

  10. coffee

    Pete’s Candy Store hosts a Zine Fest in Brooklyn on Saturday the 25th September. There’s no working website (probably because one of the organizers is getting married tomorrow.) There is a bit of a Facebook page. More info will be coming out shortly. it’s a nice event in a cozy somewhat retro bar. Will send better info soon. (Possibly closed to new entries but I would campaign to get you in as a very special guest.)

    Love your strip.

  11. Christopher

    Hey @Coffee, thanks! I’m thinking I’d be hard pressed to do well at a mini-zine fest with $20 machine bound books, but am open to the hearing more if you think differently. But yeah, I’m so bummed I didn’t get to hit NYC on this trip. :-/

    On the happy side, I am offically now going to be at InterventionCon in Rockville, MD, Sep 16-18, And at MICE Comic Expo, Cambridge, MA, Sep 24.

  12. Prairie

    Christopher, I’m glad things worked out for the Con and Expo in MA. Perhaps those will be the places you were supposed to be all along!

    Am I the only morally deficient individual that thought of something *completely* different when Krep said they were going to blow their wad on Brograhm’s Teeth? *blush*

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