08/29/11 Love and Family Ties


Okay, I have my con schedule figured out. Thanks to Onezumi for making last-minute room for me at InterventionCon, (Shaenon Garrity, Peter Abraams, Bill Holbrook, and Jennie Breeden will all be there too, yay!) Thanks to Holly and Jefferey for making space for me at at the TopatoCo tables at SPX and MICE.

Sep 10-11, Bethesda, MD
SPX Small Press Expo

Sep 16-18, Rockville, MD
InterventionCon (Pre-reg discount rate of $40 ends on September 1st)

Sep 24, Cambridge, MA
MICE Comic Expo

Oct 1-2, San Francisco
APE Comic Con?


  1. Eris Lobo

    @Leland — Yeah, first there was the successful revolt of the Terran captives, then there was the attack of the bounty hunter, then there were the laser-resistant pirates, and by then probably the G. O. B. was watching Earth carefully in case Nogg tried to return there, so turning around to replace Dusty with his brother became a missed opportunity. At least, that’s my take on things. *shrugs and grins*

  2. Herandar

    Um, so I just happened to look at the site logo in detail for the very first time, and I can not for the life of me figure out who is hiding behind the ‘S’ in ‘Spacetrawler’. My official excuse is that I was onboard this site from the very beginning, before there was a logo. Also, my vision is getting bad.

    Sooo… Who is hiding in the logo?

  3. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, you’re not suggesting what I THINK you’re suggesting, are you? “The Return of Growp”, where Kuu-Drahc arranges for his favorite bodyguard to be lovingly and painstakingly (well, there might not be a lot of love but there would be a lot of pain, and maybe some staking) reassembled in the basement of the Apex Speaker. Or maybe it’s Growp’s evil-but-better-looking twin?

    Or… Maybe… Growp’s turtleneck was there to hide the fact that he was really a pair of unclamped eebs standing on each other’s shoulders! The possibilities are staggering! (Or maybe I’m just staggering from lack of sleep.) We’ll have to see what will hatch from the cookoo’s egg the muse has laid in your brain.

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