08/31/11 Pierrot and Fiyena


Ah! This week has been such a relief from last week. Most everything that went wrong resolved itself, and I just made a blackberry pie which was not only filled with blackberries — but was also filled with awesome!

So, for those of you clamoring for action from the Spacetrawler characters, today we begin the storm I will be raining down upon them. And you get a kissy! Bonus!

Thanks to Joanna for the nice blog about Spacetrawler. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and I have another piece in MAD this month. Here’s a glimpse at the piece (and cover) if you wish to find it!


  1. Eris Lobo

    Oh. My.

    Heck of a strip this week.

    Wow. The kiss was totally unexpected.

    As was Emily telling telling Martina to give her last words to Pierrot.


    You bastard! Now I’ve got to wait until Monday to see the next one!!!! *grumbles, but in a happy way*

    Oh, well, until then …

    *rereads the strip yet again, enjoying it just as much the second and third time …*

  2. Awesome. The timing, the kiss, that second-to-last panel. Pierrot’s one of those guys who’s so nice he ends up being kind of a schmuck sometimes. Which makes him a lot of fun to read.

    Congrats on being in MAD. I think I shall have to go buy that.

  3. Leland

    Great comic!

    Just gotta get this out of my system though…

    As a recovering rocket scientist and former submarine officer, there is way, way, way, way ,way, way, way, way, way, way ,way, way too much open space in your spaceships. There wouldn’t be stairwells, there would be ladderways.

    Ironically, the one thing you have the least of on a spaceship is space!

  4. MercuryFlash

    Up close, Pierrot looks very realistic while Fiyena still looks pinky smooth. I think the scenes felt very intimate because of the way you drew Pierrot. It also made scene change to the final panel with more iconic characters feel more abrupt. Well done.

  5. Xenon molecule

    Since Fiyena’s head looks a bit like kelp, I bet she would have super slippery lips. Maybe I am thinking about this too much. I still don’t think I’d want to kiss an alien though maybe I am just more species-ist than Pierrot.

  6. Filipe

    @Leland I disagree, energy and raw materials are cheap for spacetrawlers. If anything the ships should be way more luxurious. Ground vehicles are obviously limited by ยซdockยป size but I assume the room taken by accommodation quarters for crew isn’t much of an issue.

  7. MinuteWalt

    This my favorite new webcomic! Found it a few months ago and read it from the beginning. I think things are really hitting the right stride now, and this week’s been the best so far. Finally some hot alien-on-human action! And Pierrot’s scar looks great in panel 11. A nice story is shaping up, and some decent draftsmanship as well. Keep it up, and I’m sure fans will eventually have a few volumes of trades and a bunch of merch to collect!

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