09/14/11 Dimitri Checks In


Okay, I am barely keeping one foot ahead of my strip schedule. Go team tired! Thanks to Renaissance Dork for the shout-out.

And HEY, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be in the DC/Rockville area at


Stop by. Say Hello. Buy books. Bring books to buy. See me on panels:

  • Friday at 8:00 “Getting Paid To Do What You Already Love: Working With Companies” along with David Reddick & Tony DiGerolamo.
  • Saturday at 3:00 “Back in my day: The webcomic veterans panel” along with Shaenon Garrity, Jennie Breeden & Bill Holbrook.


  1. If you’re happy and you know it, become a puddle of dissolving pain!

    Seriously now. Will people believe a device can do absolutely anything they tell them it can do? Has anyone done a placebo-effect type test of this?

  2. r

    That does it! Dimitri is now my hero.

    He goes into space, stays inebriated through booze and stun blasts the entire time, gets more alien tail than Captain Kirk, becomes rich through a mere chance meeting, and (this is the best part) is fully aware of all of this.

    Why would you not want to be in his shoes?

  3. Captain Jack

    During college I once attended a Halloween party as a mercenary; When the nearest drunk answered the door I plucked a dummy grenade from my gear, slapped it in his free hand, pulled the pin and said “Here. Hold this.” When I got back with my beer he was still standing there too scared to move, so I removed the dummy from his hand, stuck the pin back in and said: “Thanks, guy!”

  4. Nomi

    Panel 6: Love the little feather/tentacle/whatever that pops up when the desk vulture sees Dimitri’s bank balance. Is “Dimitiri” just a typo, a hiccup in the translator chip, or a beak-inherent speech impediment?

  5. Razl: If I understand it right, you put the patch on your hand, clap your hands together with the patch between them, and the patch makes candy. I want one.

    If you looked up “shit-eating grin” in the dictionary, you would find Dimitri’s picture.

  6. @Kathleen,

    Not wanting to get in the way of the freight train of awesome that is Dimitri but, I was wondering about that too. I assume that Dimitri, upon getting his first royalties from the tea-cookie recipe, talked it over with Nog and Krep about how to hide all that wealth in dummy corporations and numbered, secret bank accounts.

    Plus he’s Russian, and given the current state of complete financial anarchy, with its former party apparatchik transforming themselves into gangsters and robber barons, in the Russian Federation, I’m sure he knows a trick or two to work any system.

  7. Christopher

    @Kathleen and @Corpore_Metal, in my head I imagined it this way: most of the GOB (including Kuu-Drahc) have their money in the Lakt Galactic Bank, and there’s enough dodgy dealings that they wouldn’t want THEIR accounts frozen either, and so the bank has a non-government-interference policy. THAT SAID, I have never even implied this in the strip, and it’s a good enough point to question, so I will keep an eye out for potential decent opportunities to mention something to this effect. 🙂

  8. Thomas S

    One of the best features of this webcomic is the use of colour themes through the panels – I really admire how the colour has been used and the water colour type character has been maintained with the colouring. Thumbs up for me. It’s what makes SpaceTrawler unique and enticing.

    Oh, and something about the plot/scenes/guns/sex/nudity/babies/fashionable grunts & tea cookies

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