10/24/11 Flineous Won’t Run


Whatta week. Work work work. Started developing three new projects (with a list of others in the sidelines). Think I might take this week to really lay out the entire rest of the story for Spacetrawler, as it seems to have gelled finally pretty well in my head.

I always did another walk for an Farm Sanctuary, got down to Olympia and had some good talks with my friend Dan and Keylee. Designed some posters for Occupy Seattle Animal Rights & Environmentalism Work Group. Good times.

Thanks to Peggy for the very sweet shout-out over at Decrypting Rita.


  1. Kathleen

    oh shit. Does that scuttling sound mean what I think it means? Are we back to the spider-suit? D:

    Also, in nit-pickier news: in the last panel, his tail looks out of place. The rest of his body is thickly lined, and his tail looks like a sock in comparison.

  2. Raamyah: Cats don’t always fluff their tails when they’re frightened. Sometimes they tuck them under, like a dog. It depends on their perception of the threat, whether they want to scare it off or become less of a target. I’m guessing Flineous is leaning toward the latter.

  3. Night-Gaunt

    You know the best way to fight and win is to not have to fight at all. That is scare the shit out of them so much that they surrender, where they just can’t put up a fight anymore. So far Yuri has it in spades. He’s already lost his mojo here. Yuri has become a fighting machine, one who can do casually what others have to steel themselves for. Like eye blinking she kills. Flineous is now a scared catman.

  4. stevegallacci

    ohdear. Either she is just playing him for some non-lethal pay back or she is going to get REALLY nasty. She could, say, dismember him with a small spoon the hard way (starting at the end, rather than across the limb), along with anti-shock and pain-maintanance drugs. Or worse, implant a sim of it into his memory, to be called back whenever she wants.
    But as this is a new Yuri, who knows?

  5. JKCarroll

    You know, I don’t see how she can have a claw. I just checked and there’s no evidence that they brought any eebs with them.

    Now, she could be FAKING the claw with some piece of random equipment. The dark room, the sound effects, the evil laugh…

    She is SO kewl!

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