10/31/11 Epic Battle


Hello! Happy Halloween. Hope you had some fun this weekend (or plan to tonight). We went to a lovely party on Friday. I was Robin Hood! I do love hot glue guns.
For making costumes! Sheesh, you guys!

Anyhow, ALSO for the party I made peppermint patties, and you can see my recipe over on Cookrookery.

And in case you missed it, there are now Spacetrawler WALLPAPERS! Yay! Just donate any amount (even a penny), and it will send you to chosen wallaper. Here are the sizes, but if you want more options, let me know and I can probably make ’em. πŸ™‚


  1. JKCarroll

    Huh? What? Eeew! I mean… Really?


    Of course, he could STILL be alive … mostly … with just his lower extremities crushed. Maybe the eebs could figure out a way to turn him into a head-in-a-jar (here’s a shout-out to Futurama), suitable for keeping on the mantle. Or mounting on the bow of her ship like a deer carcass.


    Well, here’s a question: it looks like Emily kinda belly-flopped her way onto the surface, leaving bits and pieces of her shuttle scattered hither and yon; while Kuu-Drahc made a dignified “whumph” that left the landing gear intact. Who around here thinks Emily will fish the keys out of Kuu-Drahc’s pants and make off with his transport, thus confusing a number of persons circling above? (including Gurf)

  2. Filipe

    The guy has no skeleton, he’ll be ok.

    About your vegan sweets, what kind/brand of sugar are you using? Vegans around here don’t use white (bone meal is apparently used in the refining process) and also frown on brown sugar (apparently in Europe most often it’s a mix between white and molasses).

  3. Tarnhill

    I always assumed he had no bones, and would make a standard “Splat” sound.
    …Unless he was carrying weapons, of course. Those would definitely make a crunching noise if hit by a rock that size.

  4. Christopher

    @Filipe, “Wholesome Sweeteners” brand makes sugars which are vegan (and kosher, etc). It’s out there, but yes, it’s amazing what animal products are used to process stuff.

  5. Filipe

    Thanks, I’m not vegan but I’ll be having some visitors from the non-carnivorous persuasion and I wasn’t expecting this stuff to be so complicated. Vegetarian here means that you eat greens with your meat. I’ve been trying molasses but it changes the taste and it’s much sweeter than a similar measure of sugar.

  6. Hawgowar


    Try honey (and you may have to slightly reduce liquids when you do), or turbinado sugar. Turbinado is raw sugar, crystallized as the first press from the sugar cane. Sort of like extra virgin olive oil, but in sugar. “Sugar in the Raw” is a fairly widespread brand. My cousin uses it and she’s vegan, but not by choice. She cannot digest animal proteins (including animal fats). None of them. When she comes over we joke about her going out to the back 40 to graze.

    I think turbinado tastes better, too. Better than white sugar, and much better than the white sugar/molasses blend of most brown sugars. It has a hearty taste and is sweet without being sickening about it. A very complex flavor. Excellent in herbal teas and as a surprise ingredient in icings for carrot cake and other pastries which can stand up to turbinado’s flavor. Makes absolutely delicious apple pies.

    I only use white sugar when color makes a difference (turbinado is medium brown).

    If all else fails use Karo light or dark corn syrup. Again, you may have to slightly reduce liquids, depending on the recipe. As far as I know Karo uses no animal products and my cousin can use it. Karo is used by most cooks when you want a very shiny finish on your chocolates, icings or other things. If you use molasses, be sure to use the un-sulfured type.

    Another sweetener which is vegan, if you’re making something chocolate, is Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Supposedly animal free as again my cousin uses it, and fat free as well, believe it or not.

  7. Hawgowar

    Oh, PS: @Christopher

    Looks like you’ve lost some weight. I generally put on about ten pounds between now and New Years then have to work it back off as penance. I do love to feast and Thanksgiving and Christmas (as well as all the baking between now and then) are too much temptation for me. My homemade cookies, pumpkin pie, peanut butter pie, pie crust cinnamon rolls and chocolate pie are too tempting. I even make hot mince pies with brandy butter as well as the mincemeat for kids version (no brandy in mince or butter for kids).

  8. Seth

    Cane sugar is typically processed with bone charcoal, but the cheaper brands are often not cane sugar at all: they use sugar beets instead, which are never processed with bone charcoal or any other animal products. That’s the type of sugar I’m currently using for most purposes.

  9. Given the twists and turns Chris has given us so far I wouldn’t be surprised if Kuu-Drahc really is dead under that rock. However his death probably won’t solve their problems given how deep the Eeb-slave based economy is in the galaxy. Someone else will just take his place.

  10. Night-Gaunt

    Most people would thank their lucky stars but not Emily. She wanted to have it out up close and bloody personal. Great anticlimactic act! But that doesn’t mean Kuu-Drahc is totally out. Maybe.

  11. Mike

    Is that the point of his head I see peeking out from behind that rock? It would seem our apex speaker is not quite as crushed-by-a-rock as it may seem. Our heroine may still get her duel.

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