11/02/11 Under A Rock


Hey, @Stewart, I did up a wallpaper of Monday’s strip (and I added a couple more panels)!

I keep meaning to say, I do tweet. Me On Twitter:  chris_j_baldwin

Oh, and lastly: a new MAD is out with a piece-o-mine in it. Check it out on newsstands. 🙂


  1. Lessica

    I feel kind of dumb asking this, seeing as I literally -just- finished reading through the archive and should therefore still remember who the characters are – but who is Qwantoo? Have we met him/her/it yet?

  2. CBob

    Just wanted to say, great job on the up angle on Emily in panel 3. Looks almost like a different art style, since I’m so not used to seeing the faces from drastic angles like that, but it looks very cool.

    Also: “Qwantoo”/Quantum? Did I see what you did there?

  3. Eris Lobo

    1) Awesome strip today (as usual)! Hmmm … were Emily’s eyes bugging out a bit in surprise or concern in that last panel?

    2) I saw a guy with that copy of Mad Magazine in line right in front of me at the supermarket today! Now that I know that you had a piece in it, I should have tackled him after he bought it and taken it for myself! (Or maybe I should have just bought one like a sane person? Naaaaaah …)

    3) I really want that new wallpaper you posted!!! Sweet! Emily and Kuu-drahc filling my screen with extra stuff!!! Now could you PLEASE put that whole thing (what you have for the wallpaper) on a T-shirt??? That would be SO KEWL!!! *bounces happily*

    4) Eeep! I tried clicking on the “Donate” button to get the wallpaper but it just pulls up the generic entry into PayPal! What’s your donation address?

    5) Yeah, I’m also wondering … who is Qwantoo??? I don’t seem to remember the dude (or dudette, as the case may be).

  4. Christopher

    3. Hm. I’ll ponder it. I’m a bit gun-shy about shirts what with my track-record this year.
    4. sorry! fixed!
    5. I should add a tag for when he was mentioned. Give me 5 minutes.

  5. Dajagr

    So, Qwantoo, or Qwahntoo? (Both of them make my spellchecker unhappy, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Then again, so does Flrkwtzjbbl, and I think he’s more of a Power Three Feet to the Left of and Slightly Below the Throne.)

  6. I’m pretty sure I know who Qwantoo is, and that he was visually depicted in the strip at least two or three times. I won’t post more, because I don’t want to offer a spoiler, but if you go back and read certain relevant strips you may notice something I also noticed…

    Also, I think Kuu Drahc is telling the truth – he’s largely a figurehead… a somewhat more sinister Zaphod type. It’s not even out of the question that they were done with him and Qwantoo had someone give that rock a bit of a nudge… (or maybe he/it has implanted Eeb DNA too). Remember, Qwantoo likes to stay behind the scenes.

  7. Christopher

    Thanks, @Frank! And yes, if you follow the tags, there is now a Qwahntoo one. Although I want to say… I think there was a fourth strip which mentioned good ol’ Qwahntoo. Hm. Anyway. (also, I fixed the spelling of Q’s name in this strip)

  8. incidentally, here’s a comment on my facebook after I posted yesterday’s strip as a reason people should read Spacetrawler: “The Spacetrawler comic you posted is currently stopping me from going to buy food.”

  9. Eris Lobo

    Hmm … I got a few of the wallpapers yesterday (and they do INDEED make my computer screen look spiffy, I have to admit!) … but I didn’t notice something until now …

    Pottybot is on the crew image wallpaper, just as prominently as pretty much anybody else (there’s actually more showing of Pottybot than Martina!)

    Has Pottybot been elevated to high-level crew status without my knowledge?

    Or maybe something else is going on …

    Maybe … Pottybot is actually … secretly … Qwahntoo???

    Dum dum DUUUM!!!!! (play menacing music)

    Or maybe … Pottybot is the chosen one, intended by the fates to save the galaxy from both the G.O.B. and the Eeb menace?

    Or maybe … Pottybot is actually a god-like entity who likes being a trickster, playing the fool to those around him, while pretending to serve as a … err … no, that would be gross … *bleah*

    Whatever the case, inquiring (and paranoid) minds want to know, y’know!!! 🙂

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