11/07/11 The Cavalry Arrives


Ah, another week. Spent some time at Occupy Seattle. Made cranberry-orange granola. Had a freewrite session over bagels with Matt. A nice walk with my friend Kim around Greenlake.

Been thinking a lot about the plot of Spacetrawler. There are so many little threads to make sure I tie back in, and it’s mostly all mapped out in my head. And then I keep adding things, and adjusting, which adjusts everything else like dominoes. And I have to say i love doing this MORE THAN ANYTHING.


  1. Christopher

    @Landryraccoon, speaking of “so many little threads to make sure I tie back in,” um, what big dark secret? I didn’t forget something, did I?

    Not that he won’t have one, but…

  2. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, of COURSE Noog has a big dark secret! He’s the hero! Or at least the leader. Sometimes. Yeah, sure, he could be working to free the eebs and getting his crew slaughtered just because he’s such a nice guy, but lets be honest. He’s doing this out of a sense of guilt. Overwhelming, persistent, can’t-get-away-from-it … guilt.

    Sure, we found out why Noog and Kuu-drahc are the best of frenemies, but that doesn’t explain all of it. Not by half. Maybe by a third, but even so, the only reason someone dedicates his life to endless failure is guilt.

    So bring it on! What is it that’s got Noog pouring his heart out to Mr. Zorilla? What’s the big dark secret that’s got him gorging on furryite sandwiches?

    And it had better be juicy, sir!

  3. Night-Gaunt

    I always liked the idea of midway through a story you find out all the things you were lead to believe were one way like the Eebs are good, G.O.B. is evil. Then you find out that the Eebs are a race of genius homicidal maniacs and clamped themselves for their own good. However the GOB aren’t the nicest people either considering the enslavement of the Eebs to use their engineering prowess but treat them like slaves. So which is worse? Is there a worse? Keep the clamping but treat the Eebs as the geniuses they are so that they can leave free and live well. But with aliens you never can tell their psychology. Love this comic.

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