11/14/11 The Glossed-Over Version


It was a nice week, although difficult to keep up on work. My sister (and her dog) just moved from Alaska to California, and stopped overnight on her way through. We were delighted (perhaps our cats less-so). I painted a little. Worked on some freelance stuff. Drew a couple pieces for an art show. We even went to a birthday party. Never a dull moment.

Sad to hear the Russian Mars probe went offline. That’s totally gotta’ suck. But don’t worry, just watch this and enjoy a relaxing bliss instead…


  1. Hmmm…. So there are at least several Eebs that are not brain clamped present, and they are pretty likely even angryer than Red 9.

    If they get out of their containment , they will ………. Burrrrrrr ….
    chilling the thought

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