12/05/11 Gurf and Blurf Drink


Dimitri is not dead, you realize this, yes? He’s only been reported dead to the GOB. Just making sure you remember.

For those of you wondering about some last minute online holiday gift shopping, and for some reason Spacetrawler isn’t enough for you, have you considered these products from other fine cartoonists:
Dylan Meconis
Eric Millikin’s Santa Kong
Evil, Inc.
Girls With Slingshots
Not Invented Here
Sam and Fuzzy
Schlock Mercenary
Something Positive

Life is good. We never did find the mixy-der-doo-dad for out breadmaker (suspect it got tossed with compost) and so I’ve been making bread by hand, which I love to do but never make the time. I finished the first draft of the novella I mentioned last week. That was more unexpected than was starting it. Give it a half year, may have more news on that for ya.

Today’s Link Express: Let’s send worms to space ala Dune. Thanks to Bjørn Grimsmo of The Riftsound for the lovely link.


  1. CompaniaHill

    I may still be spinning from the Mauve12/Yuri implications, but I’m right there with you on Dimitri’s situation. (It *was* only three strips back.) It’s fun to see the “news” of Dimitri’s death spreading.

    In addition to his tea-cookie fortune, I wonder how much Dimitri gained from Dal’s joint bank account? 🙂

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