12/19/11 The Kindness of Criminals


You’ve likely tipped your mailman, trudging through the snow. Your waiter, helping them through college. Have you remembered your tirelessly updating webcartoonist, helping with their groceries?

As thank you (or incentive?) for holiday tips, I have made a very fun 17 panel holiday comic of your beloved Spacetrawler cast. After donating ANY amount (recommendation, $2-$5) through paypal (below) it will then forward you to the secret page (contact me if there are any problems).

Regardless of tips or not, thank you all for the support of me and my comics.


  1. Anonymous

    > Good thing they seem to be kind of dumb hardened criminals.

    Or possibly hardened criminals with very literal brain clamps that allow them to intentionally play dumb, as long as they don’t know for *sure* that someone will do precisely what they hope someone will do.

  2. Eris Lobo

    Strange. Brain clamps, to my understanding, make it so you take orders from anybody around you. They don’t, however, come with preset orders, therefore allowing somebody who has been brainclamped to do what they want until somebody orders them to do differently. With that in mind, I’m assuming all of the brainclamped criminals were given specific orders after being clamped, such as: “don’t stop production” and “do stop anybody who tries to stop production.” And I assume the orders can be taken literally, so if a clamped being is told not to “blow up a space station,” they still find other ways to destroy the space station as long as they don’t blow it up. Am I wrong, though?

  3. JKCarroll

    @Eros, Right! And that is precisely why you never tell a computer to “just forget it”; or even worse, “just forget ALL about it.” It’s also the basis for numerous stories about making deals with demons — those demons can be SO literal. And the thing is, these demons … er … “brain-clamped hardened criminals” are so darned nice! Makes you wonder if they’d be expressing that same level of contrition if the brain clams were removed.

  4. Christopher

    @Eris_Lobo, the clamps do several things. For the Eebs, it prevents them from moving large object, makes them take orders, and I think another couple of things (just woke up, ask me again after tea, it’s prolly when Red-9 talks at length about Eeb history). For those on the space station, as stated here, it “prevents you from doing any damage to the space station, interfere with its directives, or leave, ever. Stuff Like that.”

  5. CBob

    Gods, yes: every time the Russian tea cookies get mentioned, I get a craving for them. Haven’t actually had any in like two years. Usually only see ’em when a family member buys them, but I think I’m going to have to start actively checking the local shops for them now.

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