12/21/11 The Plan In Motion


Desa over at “Desa’s Dishes” talks tea cookies (with a nice nod to Spacetrawler’s “delightful side plot”).

That’s it. I’m going to spend the week drawing, maybe baking some cookies as well.

Happy Holidays everybody. -Christopher

You’ve likely tipped your mailman, trudging through the snow. Your waiter, helping them through college. Have you remembered your tirelessly updating webcartoonist, helping with their groceries?

As thank you (or incentive?) for holiday tips, I have made a very fun 17 panel holiday comic of your beloved Spacetrawler cast. After donating ANY amount (recommendation, $2-$5) through paypal (below) it will then forward you to the secret page (contact me if there are any problems).

Regardless of tips or not, thank you all for the support of me and my comics.


  1. Sabreur

    Part of me wants to panic, and part of me thinks this will be hilarious. Maybe its just me, but I think humans and eebs will get along just fine. I don’t think that’s a positive comment on either species…

  2. Xenon molecule

    Sabreur, it seems the only thing unclamped eebs lack is the ability to delay gratification in order to enact longer term nefarious plans… Something humans of course excel at. The worst case scenario for the GOB is probably an eeb-human alliance with more yuri type hybrids being “uPlifted”. In the end it probably wouldn’t end well for anyone.

    Maybe this is why Martinas dad isn’t shocked to see a fish alien… Mayhem has already began.

  3. Sabreur

    @Xenon: Maybe. I’m not really seeing the whole “humans excel at delayed gratification thing”. Mostly, I’m just thinking about the time I spent an entire Forth of July blowing up fire ant nests with my Dad and getting into firecracker fights with my sister (who has an impressive throwing arm, btw). Deep down, I think every human secretly enjoys seeing things explode. Couple that with getting on friendly terms with a race that can cause mayhem with their minds, and I really don’t see it ending well for anybody involved.

    … be awesome to watch, though.

  4. JKCarroll

    @Sabreur, re: the humans-excel-at-delayed-gratification thing, I don’t know. My Mom was able to wait until I was a father before she told me about the curse she placed on me when I was young:

    “I hope one day you have a child who acts JUST LIKE YOU!”

    Pretty horrifying curse, when you think about it. Especially when it came true.

    Seasoned Greetings, and Happy Hollandaise!

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