01/18/12 Nogg Saves The Day


Hey, by request: a new wallpaper! Just donate any amount (even a penny) with that yellow button right there, and it will send you to chosen wallpaper (more are HERE).

A couple bloggy things. Over at MAD Magazine’s blog “The Idiotical” they’ve posted another “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” strip by me.

And in webcomic news, Jeff Zugale has joined the team with artwork for “Not Invented Here,” looks great!


  1. Prairie

    Such satisfying strips, both Monday and today! *swoon* Romance! Action! Storyline! Heroes Against Insurmountable Odds! Wry Humor In The Face Of Danger!

    Seriously, I’m as glowy as a crashed, hot-wired spaceship!

  2. JKCarroll

    @Technical, wouldn’t a better description be “Bang Bang Kiss Kiss”? (Oooooh, Pierrot as the next James Bond! Making Emily The Ultimate Kick-A$$ Bond Girl EVER!)

    Somehow, though, I just can’t see Red-9 as “Q”… maybe Cornflower-94…

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