04/09/12 Mission To Earth


Norwescon was great. Lovely people, good snacks, cooperative weather. Who could ask for more?

I met Katt Leeds (who has amazing oil-painting/reality/portrait skills), and she did a sketch of me in exchange for a copy of Spacetrawler (if you need a portrait commissioned, seriously, consider her). I sat across from Elizabeth Guizzetti, whose e-novel “Other Systems” came out a week ago. She fed me chocolate eggs and then I bought a copy of her book (those two things are not related) (um) (I think).

I had a long interesting conversation with Micheal Duquette about art, his sculptures (amazingly made, and out of mostly found objects). Talked “mystery novels” with Vandy Hall (who does lovely drawings, blown glass, and sculpture) and who gave a me a list of detective stories to read (listed below) (I’m very excited to check them out). I also sat across from Vivien Weaver (and her nice friend, whose name I suddenly can’t recall) who had her book “The Wicked Instead” available (which I also look forward to reading).

Annnnnd…. lotsa other people. But I think that’s it for my con report. Hope you had a great Easter, religously-oriented-or-ignored. And here’s those mysteries. πŸ™‚


  1. “Orth-World?”
    “Apex Speaker, Orth-World’s such a tiny place, and you’ve got so many other planets that–”
    “Okay, I’ll just wipe it off, that’s all. Just a dwarf planet…”

    I’m assuming Shaix sees a green-shifted spectrum.

  2. Wait… would it be possible to eject planets from GOB control, thereby removing them from the accepted list of targets? Or was this list defined as worlds under GOB control at the time of the declaration?

  3. Kaidah

    Never noticed it before (and it’s probably way too late to change) but in panel 10 shouldn’t it be “Our only hope is to lessEn the torture out galaxy will suffer”? As in to reduce or diminish the torture of the galaxy, not teach it?

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