04/15/12 Mining For Survivors


That Dimitri, he’s an awfully nice guy. If curious, Seledka is a Russian fish dish, it seems usually mackerel or herring, and usually accompanied by vodka.

Been in Vancouver BC all weekend babysitting my nephew, and seeing my brother and his wife, as well as visiting other friends. Such a good time, and the weather was so fortunately mostly nice. Ah, the Pacific NW.

We had No-Bull intentions


  1. Lukas

    In ssoviet Rrrussia, eeveryzing is usually accompanied by vodka…

    Interesting, so now the eebs are rebelling, there are no FTL drives (except that lubrication workaround by the ugly people) in the galaxy anymore…

  2. @Joanna – Seemed pretty obvious to me it had to be Dimitri simply because we had a huge drilling machine in the second panel. It did take me a while to figure out (remember) why he’s keeping a bandana on: he’s supposed to be dead, and doesn’t want any loyalists trying to kill him. Also, he may be trying to disguise that he’s human, as they are all wanted by the authorities in any case.
    I am wondering what that tube is for…

  3. Daniel Roque

    The tube is of course a intravenous tube to a bottle of Vodka he keeps in the arm (last panel).
    Its the Vlood of life to keep him going. πŸ™‚

    After seeing this wonderfull panel I’ve reached the same question I got on Riddick and so many other movies, how the hell can they breathe in a planet devoid of vegetation?

  4. Christopher

    @Lukas, well, none on Carpsellon. πŸ™‚

    @AlpineBob and @Daniel_Roque, it is for air, and is the same thing he wore before. The reason is as you said, the “atmosphere is unstable”.

    The mine was closed off (why he had to break through) and so the air down there wasn’t bad, simply diminishing. I almost put in a line “we have oxygen masks for all of you in this cardboard box, pass ’em around,” but felt it was a detail not totally needed, but as I can see now, would have helped a bit for clarity. πŸ™‚

  5. just_idd

    Yes, bandanna would be to keep dust out of his mask. its the same reason that cowboys wear them — but without the mask. Likely the mask is a rebreather type. Our lungs are not anywhere close to 100% efficient which fortunately is why CPR/rescue breathing works. There is still lots of O2 in our exhale. This random thought brought to you by the number 0 and the letters I C.

  6. Filipe

    I don’t get the comment about oxygen. There’s something like 2,000 gigatons of organic carbon available on soil and biosphere, something like 5,000 gigatons in fossil fuels. That’s less than 10^13 tons. There’s something like 10^15 tones of oxygen in the atmosphere. If one burns all that carbon it will remove less than 2% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Co2 in the atmosphere is about 3×10^12, so it would increase by a factor of 10, meaning it would be ~.3% of the atmosphere. We wouldn’t notice it except for the greenhouse effect.

  7. Filipe

    Frank, same principles apply. Humans were breathing unassisted there before and that implies an Earth like atmosphere. Removing plant life on a planet similar to Earth wouldn’t change oxygen levels on relatively short timescales.

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