04/18/12 Speaking To The Colony


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Sorry. Wayyyy… behind. Got in from Vancouver last night at 3:30, the girlfriend wasn’t packed, so up til 3:00 or something, then up at 6:30 to bring her to the airport. Back home, took a nap then started working. half-way through I decided that I didn’t like Haldeyis’s design and so I began re-drawing the second half of the strip. Took a break for racquetball, and then on the way back home Kim’s car broke down. No winning today.

Anyhow, here’s where I’m at. It’s 9:00 now PST, I’m shooting to have the final done and uploaded by midnight. Give or take.


  1. Aejaxe

    Yeah, that was surprising. I assumed once the survivors were collected, Dimitri would continue with his personal sexual endeavors. I believe this change in character may have something to do with being betrayed by his recently deceased GOP mercenary.

  2. Robin Bobcat

    Well, Dimitri may be a randy xenophiliac, but he has his priorities. He never seduced the locals when there was something more important to be done. Since he’s the only one who can wrangle things at the moment, hes got to be responsible.

    There’s also the fact that, notably, he hasn’t taken off his bandanna. This means he wasn’t wearing it just for dust protection, but to hide his identity. Revealing that he’s still alive isn’t something he’s willing to risk yet.

    I’m just amused by the fact that the phone is an actual *phone*.

  3. Christopher

    @Snow_Cat, it is so hard to be wicked if you have a good heart! How fair is that?!! 😉

    @EternalLurker, I posted the previous versions in the blog in case anyone missed them. Glad they were enjoyed.

    @Ceyx, @War_pig, and @Aejaxe…. I feel that @Robin_Bobcat has the truth of it. I have always painted Dimitri as a hedonist and as not wanting to put in effort if he doesn’t have to, but I can’t think of any instance where he didn’t act morally in the end (well, perhaps he’s played a little too loosely with Shuar’s heart). 🙂

  4. Christopher

    @Sake_Weasel, well, I can’t see Eebs being very useful at it. They are small and can’t move large heavy objects with their minds. But they surely made all the mining equipment.

  5. Nomi

    For some reason, that severely retro phone bothers me. But not as much as trying to figure out how Haldeyis’ bodily appearance is relates to “sexual compatibility 94%”.

  6. Sara

    @ribin bobcat I think it’s safer to say that Dimitri normally can manage his sexual adventures and his responsibilities with a time management skill that is almost a super power. Almost every heroic deed is connected in some way with sexual encounter. Sill, I think this new decision will be shown to be just another new sexual adventure. I don’t see him becoming monk like.

  7. When I saw panel one I assumed that I was looking at “Chekov’s phone” (i.e. that it would go unmentioned and would ring later on). Dimitri actually mentioned it, but maybe it will still “go off” at some point.

  8. TB

    “For some reason, that severely retro phone bothers me. But not as much as trying to figure out how Haldeyis’ bodily appearance relates to “sexual compatibility 94%” – Nomi

    I am not going there. I am not even going to go where I can see “there” with a telescope.

  9. Galane

    I suspect the phone looks like a phone for much the same reason that salt vampire episode of the original Star Trek used an ordinary glass salt shaker instead of something futuristic and unrecognizable.

  10. Christopher

    @Galane, well, to some degree in a way. It’s largely because all of this was built and designed by Dimitri and his group of eebs — and Dimitri has a loving sense of nostalgia. 😉

  11. Is it possible to have more than 100% compatibility? I mean, if there’s a species with which sex is qualitatively BETTER than with another human…
    I dunno, I thought it would be more funny if the Fahldwian/Human sexual compatibility lay at 114% instead 😉

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