04/30/12 Blue Garden


This weekend, I’ll be at TCAF in Toronto (tabling with TopatoCo)! And it’s free to get in! Come!

I’m posting today’s strip on Saturday night, as Sunday will be day #2 of Stumptown comic fest in Portland, and then I leave directly by bus back to Seattle, so tonight will be the last internet I have until late-late-late Sunday night.

So far, I’m having a great time at Stumptown (and always do), sitting with my goofy lovable friend Kevin. πŸ™‚


  1. JKCarroll

    So glad to see Martina healing in her soul and spirit. Now all we need to do is get Dimitry to have his eebs build a fully functional natural-looking-and-feeling prosthetic arm.

  2. This is one of the most piercingly poignant and daring webcomic pages I’ve ever seen. I can’t begin to state all the ways it makes me honored to see such art.

    Perhaps this praise is too glowing. Yet the story started with the news of her demise. Will she continue getting chunks carved off her, in a tragic parallel with Yuri’s slapsticky cyborging? Will it be sudden and unexpected, like a Whedoning? Or will she die being the hero she already is in her heart?

    I eagerly anticipate the news being revealed one page at a time, over the coming months. And I would not have it any other way.

  3. I’m guessing, War Pig, that Red-9 was pressed for time and proper fixing would require either:

    1) Accelerated healing in a stem-cell sort of way (which’d require her to hang out in some tank as things slowly were fixed up)

    2) Spare parts (and the only ‘spare parts’ had been rendered unto ash by the renegade Eebs).

  4. ronald

    Also, Red-9 was kind of ticked off at Martina at the time. I suspect that’s a significant factor.

    So, in this strip, is she supposed to be drunk or high or something? Because that’s what’s being conveyed to me.

    Re Panel 6, I’m pretty sure that, in the assisted reproduction field, some procedures involve extracting eggs from the woman’s body (I don’t feel like looking up additional details right now; if I’m incorrect, fine, I’m incorrect). I don’t know exactly what’s involved in doing so — I’m sure it’s a very complicated procedure and I’m guessing it’s quite really painful for the woman — but with GOB-level technology? Well…

  5. Christopher

    @Jordan, great meeting you too!

    @BlueNight, thank you. I’d say, today’s (and Wednesday’s) strips were perhaps the most challenging to write so far, with far too many revisions. πŸ™‚

  6. TB

    BlueKnight, I’m hoping like heck for a “I’m happy here. Let them all think I’m dead.”

    Worked for Dimitri.

    Wouldn’t it be something if at the end Dimitri and Martina met for drinks at a bar somewhere to talk over old times?

  7. I am so very moved by Martina and how she is dealing with things right now. I’s sure that in the unlikely chance that she and Dmitri ever meet again, his team of eebs can fix her right up. It would be a coin toss to see if she would accept.

  8. Myrr Disparo

    Well, Prior Semblance, Luunock can talk too, and if she is going to pull it off, she’ll need his help. Still, her fading into obscurity while the universe needs all the help it can get is very against character, and in some ways would be even worse than an untimely death. Even worse, her corpse is supposed to be part of a star now. My guess is faking a funeral is not exactly the kind of thing I’d expect from Martina… Now, Dimitri, though…

  9. ronald

    Back in the early days of stuff, the 01/06/10 strip, Nogg tells Mr. Zorilla “[Martina’s] body’s been jettisoned into the sun of the Jun-Jun System. It’s a very high honor.” That doesn’t sound like something he only knows second-hand…

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