04/25/12 Dimitri’s Work


Richard E. Robertson of Basketcase Software rendered the surface of Carpsellon and animated my 3-D model of Dimitri’s tank on it! And added a soundtrack! Totally cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, I will be tabling at Stumptown (table C-12) alongside Kevin Moore. And yes, I will have Spacetrawler book #2, and yes I will have the larger reprinted Little Dee 8.5ร—11 two volume set. And hopefully they will look awesome (for I have not yet seen them, they arrive (cross your fingers) Wednesday, at which point I begin mailing them).

I’ll also be at Toronto’s TCAF the following weekend. Just lettin’ you know.


  1. Thomas S

    How can that guy not spend his life in the toilet – he’s gotta be drinking an ocean of liquor there.

    Also – TRANSPARENT HULLA HOOP SKIRT ALIEN … I cant wait for the entirely logical explanation of that hovering or gelatinous transparent leg aspect of the Fahldwian which leads to a 94% sexual compatibility …

  2. What a shame that unclamped eebs eventually turn into psychotic murderers – they sure are cute! And I agree with Christopher – I don’t think I need to know much more about Fahldwian sexual compatibility with humans – or Dmitri, anyway.

    Take care not to let this become the Dmitri Show – he’s so awesome he could take over the whole strip. Mad Russians – who doesn’t love them?

  3. MusicianOfCoolNoises

    The idea of the Eebs drinking as much alcohol as Dimitri is a bit scary!

    Oh yes, forgive me if I’ve missed an update, but any word on the pdfs for the books from Kickstarter? I’m eager to re-read the whole thing again from the start! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Prairie

    I can totally hear all those eebs with Russian accents. And now, something that shows why Dmitri was selected for this in the first place.

    I’m just wondering where the glowing cheetoh chick is hiding opposable thumbs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, love “her” dress.

    How cool is the 3D animation of the drill! I can see the whole spacetrawler trilogy as an animated movie.

    And, the place they’re staying in reminds me of the Skywalker home on Tattoine.

  5. Eris Lobo

    I was looking at this and the previous strip, and I got to wondering … where did the buildings come from? Maybe this one was built by Red-9, but did the miners build the one from last week’s strip? Seeing as everything else on the surface was wiped clean by the Eebs, I don’t see how these two buildings managed to survive.

    And where has Dmitri been doing his mad-scientist work? In the drill?

  6. Christopher

    @Eris_Lobo, three strips ago Dimitri spoke of his “team building comfortable accommodations.” The eebs built both buildings. Now it’s true that clamped eebs can’t easily move very large objects, but they can assemble things quickly (or build thing which move and build things), which they handily displayed when they built his tank in book #2.

  7. Corpore Metal

    Well, I guess I’m a bit confused at this point. Why can’t the Eebs retain their talent?

    Isn’t it possible that at some point the unclamped Eebs, after nuking several million planets, will feel their revenge satisfied and maybe calm down a bit? Which only leads to a zillion other species in the galaxy wanting exact revenge against the Eebs. The vicious cycle continues until the galaxy is bled white but, I would assume over a very long blood period everyone settles their scores.

    Sigh, depressing stuff. I think I’ll join Dimitri in that drink.

  8. Good luck at Stumptown! Here’s hoping you do better than Norwescon, man that con is just SO not suited for artists doing anything more than dropping stuff in the art shows. You looked so lonely in the dealer’s room between all the bustling armor/jewelry dealers!

  9. Bill Kamp

    I’m glad that Red-9 feels guilty, otherwise it would seem that those crazy eebs were not poorly educated but simply no eeb unclamped was worth saving.

    Red-9 at first seemed okay with the destruction he would cause, but now is having second thoughts.
    Another character growth.

    And am I the only one still expecting for Martina not to die, but to pull a Sherlock Holmes on the galaxy?

  10. @Galane – The sound is a mixture of “Moon Patrol”, a power drill, and tank treads rattling. This mix is what Christopher suggested. I tried to blend them so none would fully overpower the other, but it was difficult. If you want to hear the tracks separately, or the entire thing before it was dubbed into the video, I’ll create the web page http://basketcasesoftware.com/spacetrawler/sounds/
    Give me a few hours to build the site.

  11. To save the Eebs he must modify them?
    Subtract their undesireable components?
    Build a better Eeb by choosing only thier good qualitys to keep and flushing their undesireable traits doown the drain along with their tiny bodys.

    I don’t know whether I should say that he must destroy Eebs to save them.
    Or perhaps I should say he is building the new Soviet Eeb.

  12. JKCarroll

    @Plane, I prefer to think of it as, “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic (eeb). … Better than she was before. Better … stronger … faster.” (cue inspiring music)

    Don’t forget that this has been done before, and would need to be done again if the species is to survive. All the existing Eebs (save for Red-9) are clones. They are also all female. Now, unless some male eeb DNA was preserved in that package (where is it now?) that Red-9 retrieved, OR, the male DNA is present in all clones but has been suppressed (kinda like what my ex-wife did to me), THEN some serious engineering will be required to create male eebs with the capability to provide viable gametes capable of joining with the gametes from the females (I’m avoiding using the words that describe the human gametes in order to avoid any accusations of specie-ism) to provide suitable “mixing up” of the DNA needed to create baby eebs that aren’t the clones of the parents.

    As for creating “The New Soviet Eeb”, somehow I don’t think such a being would be able to be suitably idolized in art and sculpture as you find here or here. (That poster, by the way, came from a site dedicated to the Ukrainian Holocaust — rather appropriate, ne ce pas?)

    And not wanting to turn the discussion political, but I just noticed that the ad appearing directly below my comment as I’m typing it in, is advertising a product that is promising “permanent birth control.” Excuse me, but isn’t that what the GOB provided the Eebs? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, and doesn’t really mean anything.

  13. Christopher

    @JKCarroll, I see that add too. Ha! Gotta love the irony. (@RR, they are google ads, maybe you have some settings no which makes them not show, not sure, but there’s one beloe the strip, and one below the comments).

    And yes, the sound effect list were my quirky suggestions. I think it was a grinding idea for me to suggest the drill. But I love it.

  14. @CB, Odd. No Google ads are showing for me at all. What’s really strange is that I’m running the current version of Google Chrome (well, a developer’s version of it anyways) and I don’t have any extensions or settings that should block such. I normally have 3rd parties blocked, but enabled them all (and flash – I have a blocker for that) for this site. Still no ads. That might be a concern because that could be a revenue loss for you. It also sucks because I can’t see the irony of the comment I responded to. ๐Ÿ™

    Project Wonderful is showing though.

  15. Galane

    Nifty sound player. I have Adobe Audition, should be able to twiddle the mix to make it less staticky. The tank and drill sounds are good separately but together they reinforce each others noise.

    Got direct links to the sound files or sites where you found them?

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