05/28/11 Help From Mom


Not a lot going on in my world right now, just more buried in work. I keep wanting to find time to read LeyLines and Valkyrie Squadron, but keep not finding a free moment. So, check them out for me. Let me know. (although I have just begun reading the Brilliant Marsheila Rockwell‘s “Shard Axe” since the sequel of “Skein of Shadows” is about to come out).

Oh, and I’m listening to some Tamora Pierce novels I hadn’t read/listened to yet (I’ve read a lot, but she’s written so many!), since I’ll be getting to meet her (in fact, paneling with her) at the upcoming Minneapolis Convergence Con. Really looking forward to that, I’ve often cited her “Trickster Series” as a favorite of mine, and which was part of inspiring my comic “Vava” (along with Chagall)

And I’ll end this blog with this: a very nice shout-out from the folks over at Oscar Mike Media Podcast. Kevin gave a fair rundown (and thumbs up) of the story of Spacetrawler at about time: 46:30. Check it out!

Oh, and Happy memorial Day. One of those days which seems odd to say “happy” in front of, as it’s a very sad day. My heart goes out to the soldiers who fought, but not the politicians who waged.

Cheers! -Christopher


  1. CBob

    I love Qwahntoo’s secretary. The eyeball mustache gives me giggle fits every time.

    @Bill Kamp: do a google image search for “nightbreed berserker”. I don’t know if that was the inspiration for Gurf’s species or not, but the resemblance is (to my mind/eyes, at least) pretty strong.

  2. Muzhik

    In Gurf’s favor, Blurf WAS trying to capture/kill/destroy IA, including Gurf and all his friends, so I don’t think his mom has any cause to be upset with him for leaving Blurf behind. I don’t suppose BLURF was asking his mom if Gurf survived.

  3. Christopher

    Sure, I suppose. I mean, there were no ATTEMPT to resemble penises, NOR any (known) influence of the “nightbreed beserkers”. but I see it.

    Although I may note that we now have strong opinions of who among us are circumcised. 😉

    @Jordan, ha!

  4. Christopher

    @Egypt_Urnash, ha! Yes. just imagine some daleks walking around saying “pixelate, pixelate, pixelate.”

    But seriously, that was the word mash-up I’d intended. Fully the origin was: “dither” and “cur” and “beserker.” 🙂

  5. Corpore Metal

    “Thank god. I’ve been *so* needing to beat someone up.”

    I think it’s kind of reassuring that having a boyfriend has not mellowed Emily out in the slightest. Then again, I guess she’s trying not to be so impulsive.

  6. You’ll be at Convergence?! Will there be a chance to meet you, or just listen to you panelize?

    [Commenting late b/c I bookmarked this post to check out the comics links later, and when I did realized I had only skimmed the blog part and missed the Convergence mention]

  7. Christopher

    Hey Colin! I’ll be on some panels, but I will also have a table set up in the dealer’s room for chit-chat, and you will probably find me bumbling about all the boba fetts and klingon’s at midnight with a cup of something blue in one hand and toast in the other. — I love Convergence. 🙂

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