05/30/12 Miyelrawth’s Daughter


Ah, poor Fiyena.

And I’ve been meaning to post this for AGES. I met Yi Wing at SPX last year, and then again at InterventionCon. He was charming and offered help throughout both weekends. And then, he gave me these, which i have treasured, and finaly, get to share with you. Thanks, Yi Weng! (oh, and you’ll also find them on the Fan Art page)


  1. Bill Kamp

    I must be in the same time zone of Chris.

    This awful race is the favorite one to hate.

    You can even respect the eebs for doing something wrong, but you can’t respect someone for doing nothing at all.

  2. In following the links with Fiyena, I think I may have located one of your artistic influences, Chris. Some of your alien drawings remind me of Gilbert Shelton’s wacky Wonder Wart-Hog strip. 🙂 There’s also something about your ink line in several places. I hope I’m right because the idea of you enjoying the adventures of Philbert Desanex pleases me.

  3. Christopher

    @Lukas, accident. Unless I change my mind. 😉

    @Joyce_Melton, I wish I could say “yes.” But, I don’t really know his work. I mean, after doing a cross-hatchy slice-of-life strip for 15 years (Bruno), I can’t deny influence from the San Fran/Underground Comix crowd, but I really don’t know Shelton’s work. Sorry!

  4. Consider it a happy accident, then. 🙂 And if you get a chance to pick up a copy of the Warthog strips, take a look at them. I know they’ll make you smile. The Freak Bros. are more famous and are certainly funny but there is something timeless about his retro-style on the Hog of Steel.

  5. Geo

    To clarify…I love the Eebs Card (2 of diamonds). Although I must admit, while the Eebs are in the process of doing horrible, world destroying, species annihilating things, there is a part of me that remembers the one strip which showed the horrible things done to them and I can’t quite bring myself to hate them completely. (It was that one little eeb crying out in pain. It broke my heart)

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