06/04/12 Diplomatic Relations


As you can see on the banner below the comic, Spacetrawler book #2, postcards, and the new Little Dee 2 books anthologies are now available through TopatoCo. Yay!

Not a lot else new in my world. I finally finished putting together the Spacetrawler PDFs (correctly this time, rather than the far-too-many times before where I did it wrong). If you donated any amount to Spacetrawler, I have emailed you the link. The rest of you, I will probably have it available soon for sale!

Oh, and I want a donut. But some dreams are always left unfulfilled.


  1. Eris Lobo

    Absolutely awesome strip in every way. Emily take a sacrificial hit, showing her tender side, and Pierrot in response shows his punchy side (which we’ve seen before, but it’s rare enough to be quite special when it happens). Boffo!!!

    (Oh, and panel eight should be “What was that?” instead of “Was was that?”)

  2. MusicianOfCoolNoises

    Awesome! I’m loving the .pdfs, read them through on the weekend! I’ll be sad to see Spacetrawler finish when it does, but am looking forward to the finale!

    I’m just kicking myself I forgot to put my full name into Kickstarter, I’m listed in the back of book 2 as just “David”… oh well, no biggie 🙂

  3. Herandar

    On ahead??? Oh, on ‘a head’… [guffaw]

    And in return for a horrible pun, I repay you with horrible, horrible nitpicking: the spatial awareness in panel ten. Sure, it looks like that dart is headed for Pierrot’s heart, but she’s standing in front and to the left of him, especially when the sharp angle of the carpet is revealed in panel twelve. That dart is nowhere near Pierrot, as she’s sticking her left arm out and up! Emily takes a dart in the left hand for no reason.

    Once seen it cannot be unseen! Mwa ha ha haa!!

  4. A Reader

    Panel 3: “Can’t we just try to talk with Shaix first.” Needs a “?” instead of the period.
    Panel 4: “Is this some kind of good-cop-bad-cop routine.” I’ve seen it mostly as either “good cop/bad cop routine” or “good cop, bad cop routine.” It also needs a “?” instead of a period.
    Thanks for the great strip!

  5. Corpore Metal

    Ah yes, Emily is totally back in form! Awesome! What I find interesting here is that she just took bullets for Pierrot and Gurf, and yet, many strips ago she, with irritation, condemned Gurf for doing the same thing and she had mixed feelings over Growp taking one for her. Some unexamined thinking going on there, Em?

    And Pierrot is also reassuringly back in form, diplomatic and calm at first then straight into surprising face punching anger!

    Heh! They were made for each other!

  6. heng

    “won’t make it worse…” than what?!?
    they’re all missing the crucial point of shaix’ comment…

    note-to-self: after becoming an evil overlord and encountering heroes: keep the same calm posture as shaix. and use faster poison…
    very educational reading here ^^

  7. Daniel Kauwe

    well, i mean, if it’s not poison, they shouldn’t be so terribly upset about getting shot full of some random crap. he probably realizes after Emily takes all the hits that everyone else in the room is going to beat the crap out of him…so he’s probably just doing what he thinks is best for talking them down…which obviously worked so well.

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