07/04/12 Soup Time


So, we’re moving, and I’m away for a almost three weeks, which means that I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting three weeks ahead on Spacetrawler plus packing everything we own.

I have been driving for a day a half, and should have been in Minneapolis but am still in North Dakota, hoping I arrive before sunrise.

Which is why it may be no surprise to hear that in my Spacetrawler mind I thought today was Tuesday. I was surprised to hear people were wondering where the strip was, and instead thought “can’t they wait til the usual time?”

Oops. Anyhow. Here it is. Colors will be added int he next coupe days. There SHOULDN’T be any more interruptions, although there shouldn’t have been any interruptions here. Le sigh.

Sleep will come when it may. But in the meantime…

Yup. I’ll be at Convergence in Minneapolis this weekend. Click on this link to find out more details.

Yup. I’ll be at Convergence in Minneapolis this weekend. Click on this link to find out more details.


  1. Oddly enough, when I was reading my list of webcomics this morning, I also thought it was Tuesday (for some reason) and I didn’t think to check on Spacetrawler until just now. I am not moving and have no excuse for forgetting what day it was.

  2. heng

    a) why can he suddenly understand the bollyck w/o implant?

    b) serves you right! the lack of sleep, i mean… that evens the score a little. i followed your advice about chasm city and will be missing a few hours of sleep, too, until i finish the series. great tip! thanks! 🙂

  3. Gillsing

    Chances are that Bollycks use translation amplifiers, just like Norg-Forth. After all, they’re pirates, and they might want to make sure that they’re understood when they ask first and shoot questions later.

  4. Muzhik

    Well, @Chris, just remember that driving time on those long blank stretches of interstate are perfect for taking naps. Just set your hands so the wheels are going straight, put your brain on standby, and you’re set. I used to be able to catch up on most of my sleep this way, going to work.

    And if you’re not in the mood for sleep, you can use this time to catch up on your reading. Just be sure your book isn’t so big you can’t balance it in the steering wheel.

  5. Christopher

    A few minutes of internet. Finally! Strip now colored. Oh, and I adjusted James’s final line, you are correct, he wouldn’t have understood the Bollyck, my mistake.

    “CONvention” is as bizarre and fun as last year. Yay!

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