07/09/12 Curiosity’s Sake


I have NEVER had anyone cosplay my characters (that I’ve seen). I was beside myself. And when I wasn’t beside myself, I was beside living versions of my characters. I cannot express how neat that felt.

Thank you Leandra Baum (Emily Taylor) and Kiran Baum (Yuri Nakagawa) (And Adam!). You made my weekend at Convergence.


  1. Lord Morgue

    Great cosplay, kinda makes me want to GRNNTTA!!
    Haldeyis has so many tentacoos, I’m having Shambleu flashbacks.

    Ohai, if you’re still looking for good SF humor, I remembered some moar picks.
    The Road To Mars, by Eric Idle.
    The Technicolor Time Machine, by Harry Harrison.
    The Greenwich Trilogy: The Butterfly Kid, by Chester Anderson; The Unicorn Girl, by Michael Kurland; and The Probability Pad, by T.A. Waters. Starring themselves. Yes, a self-insertion hippie S.F. collaboration trilogy. You just could NOT get away with that these days.
    Where Were You Last Pluterday?, by Paul Van Herck.

  2. Night-Gaunt

    Wow, how surrealistic, Cosplay with your characters! Mind blowing. And amazing how they do that.

    Understandable that Martina’s father would not want to talk about his dead daughter that way. He isn’t a Klingon after all.

  3. Prairie

    omg. you got steamtrawler cosplay women!!!! that’s huge. I wish I could have come. There were unfortunate events that kept me from visiting. 🙁

    good luck with the move.

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