07/16/12 What Defines Us


Ooh, still craziness here. Moving across the entire country is quite the overwhelming adventure.

Again, I am SO glad that the last comic excited you all as much as it does me. And don’t worry, this contemplating that Dimitri is doing isn’t the ONLY reason he dropped his drink.

Mostly I’m just glad I got to draw Napoleon. Who doesn’t like drawing Napoleon?

Oh, hey, I did a guest comic for “Dinosaur Comics” by the awesome Ryan North. And it’s a dated reference, and I drew it years ago, and so it almost makes no sense anymore (OOOH, like it did at the TIME). But it went to his spam folder and he never saw it. But we met, he was awesome, he has now seen it, and posted it in his blog. Oh, and he forgot to mention to me that he’d posted it, and I missed the blog. So I’m late linking back. I’ll shut up, you go read it already.


  1. Wellwellwell

    Jeah, I was going to point that one out, too.

    But the orthodox patriarchy as well as the powerstructure of the important feudal clans was based heavily in Moscow. Dont forget that Peter the great relocated the capital to St.Petersburg to westernize the country and break the power of gentry an clergy – without much lasting effect , though.
    Which was the main reason russia did not crumble under Napoleons grande army.

  2. Christopher

    I admit, it was a bit of a stretch to say he “was the ruler of Russia,” and was largely a poetic description. I took a lot of European history in high school, and also used Wikipedia (oh, bastion of truth) which puts it this way, “Relying on classical rules of warfare aiming at capturing the enemy’s capital (even though Saint Petersburg was the political capital at that time, Moscow was the spiritual capital of Russia), Napoleon had expected Tsar Alexander I to offer his capitulation at the Poklonnaya Hill but the Russian command did not think of surrendering.”

    @Julia, Done!

    @Random_Guy, futuristic integrative gel adhesives. Soon available at the Circle K.

  3. @Random Guy: The beard itself holds the mask to the face.

    Been gone a few weeks, just caught back up. I love how this comic can be laugh out hilarious one second, and then beautiful and wonderful like today’s page. Rock on.

  4. Joker

    @Plane, the thing that it solves is that like it or not part of the problem is that with the Eebs level of power they’re going to be seen as a threat. What the GOB did was horrific, monstrous and evil, but the problem was that there is a certain kind of logic to ‘let’s tie up the monster so it can’t hurt us, and use it’ sure the monster gets free eventually but they rationalized it as protecting people FROM the Eebs. The issue is that if the Eebs have this kind of power, their roaring rampage of revenge may be justifiable but they’re also doing indiscriminate slaughter and destruction. If the Eebs can’t be quelled in a way that isn’t total slavery they’re either going to have total slavery, maybe worse than before, or the race will face total genocide.

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